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Princy Cycil

Detailed Review of Jessie kiden women’s convertible hiking pants

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Review of: No products found.

Use: Hiking and outdoor


The wide choices of colors available with added UPF protection makes Jessie kiden a Braveheart’s choice


Reasonably priced for the premium material


The spandex material is a guaranteed everlasting choice

User Reviews

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The convertibles have a huge following due to popular brand loyalty

We Like

  • ​The pant stretches widely
  • A wide range of colors
  • Solves zipper issues of brands on the market

We Don't Like

  • ​The material was loosely fit
  • Useless metal hook at the waist is uncomfortable

Summary: Who told hiking is a manly choice? Women can explore flora and fauna at her will. Jessie kiden ensures that nothing gets in the way of her trail.

The stretchy fabric offers unrestricted movement to explore the wild at your will. Most hikers complained of zipper issues in brands available in the market. Jessie kiden zippers are made of premium quality zippers that last long.

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 Gone are the days’ women spent her days scrubbing dishes and mopping floors. She now needs to explore the world just like a man. Therefore, the hiking world also offers feminine gears.

Jessie kiden convertibles are an ideal choice if you are looking for pants that last long. The spandex material can retain the material’s durability. It is also superior to other brands regarding quick-drying effects.

Here you can find the Best Convertible Hiking Pants For Women 

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The brand offers breathable spandex material which is noticeable for its quick drying features as well. The universal fit elastic band also makes it a prochoice for women with wide waistlines. The lightweight material is also easy to pack and store.

Jessie kiden convertibles assure you that you don’t spend your hike in soggy pants. The water repellant coating makes it perfect for rainy days. Therefore, the unexpected rain will not catch you off guard.

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