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Princy Cycil

Detailed Review of Columbia women’s convertible pants

Columbia Sportswear Women's Aruba Convertible Pant

Use: Hiking and outdoor


Columbia convertibles offer features that are hard to find in other brands


Bit Overpriced for poor quality material but the added features make it reasonable


The fabric material couldn’t attain the required durability benchmark

User Reviews

Many users were quite comfortable with the innovative features of the pants

We Like

  • ​Sweat protective feature ensures that you are free from sticky pants
  • Contoured waistbands ensures a perfect fit
  • Innovative Omni wick and Omni shade protection for summer days
  • Water resistant helps hiking in rainy days

We Don't Like

  • ​Wrong size charts
  • Overpriced

Summary: Columbia is a reputed brand in hiking gears. Their innovative research has given them an edge in the competition for gears. Thus they have a huge following of hiker fans.

Though the brand has failed durability and price areas, the sweat protection and Omni wick technologies are quite a pro. It has also proven to keep odors free ensuring that your gear requires very little care and maintenance after every hike. The contoured waistbands solve complaints regarding the poor fitting of other brands.



Columbia Sportswear Women's Aruba Convertible Pant

The trails of the jungle are no longer alien to wild cats. Why stay away from trekking when you can find all the gear you want? A women’s vein also can feel the exhilarating thrill of an adrenaline kick.

Columbia offers the perfect gear you need in all kinds of weather. Its superior UPF protection of 30 ensures enough sun protection. Its reflective material keeps the heat away keeping you adequately cool during extreme weather pursuits.

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Columbia Sportswear Women's Aruba Convertible Pant

Its innovative features make it friendly to harsh terrain. The easy to clean feature makes hassle free maintenance after a long day of hiking. The innovative features make you pack not too many pairs due to its less dirt attracting features.

Columbia is the right choice if you plan to explore the wild in summer. The sun (take sunscreen 🙂 )will longer be your enemy a d the jungle is at your command. Happy camping!!!!!

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