Detailed Review of MSR Alpine stowaway pot

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MSR Alpine Stowaway Pot, 1.1-Liter

Use: It’s a cookware used while backpacking, camping or hiking


It comprises of minimum necessary features


Affordable price


Built of extremely durable material

User Reviews

Excellent reviews by a majority of the verified customers

We Like

  • ​Extremely durable
  • Has an excellent lock system which ensures that the lid stays tight and firm
  • The handle can be locked

We Don't Like

  • Heavy 
  • Doesn’t pour well
  • Easy to clean
  • Lacks nonstick surface

Summary: MSR Alpine stowaway pot is built of high-quality stainless steel. The entire set consists of a pot with folding handle, and it’s lid.



MSR Alpine Stowaway Pot, 1.1-Liter

The joy of cooking with your dear ones while camping outdoors is beyond words. Yet without the right gears with you, this most enjoyable part of your trip may swing to the most hectic one. MSR Alpine stowaway pot is a classic camping cookware that’s available in today’s market. They are available in a wide range of sizes, and you may choose one relying upon your prerequisites.


It is built of extremely durable, high-quality stainless steel which is capable of withstanding rough usage and knocks. Your MSR pot will be significantly more effective once the surface gets blackened. This is because blackened surface absorbs heat better than a light one.


The 475ml pot weighs 9.5 oz, the 775ml pot weighs 13 oz, the 1100ml pot weighs 15.5 oz, and the1600 ml pot weighs 19.5 oz.  Considering the capacity of each pot, they are lightweight compared to other pots.

MSR Alpine Stowaway Pot, 1.1-Liter


MSR provides 475ml, 775 ml, 1100 ml, and 1600 ml pots. You can choose any one depending on the number of people in your group and the amount of food that has to be cooked.


  • It’s hinged handles lock the lids, and you can store your gears or supplies in the pot when you are not cooking
  • Each pot consists of a dual purpose foldable handle and a unique lock system which ensures that the lid stays tight and firm
  • The material is scratch and dent resistant

If you are a budget minded hiker, hunting down a top-notch cookware choice for rough use, then MSR Alpine stowaway pot would be one best-suggested option for you.

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