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Princy Cycil

Detailed Review of Giantex Portable Cooler Ice Chest

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Use: For cooling your drinks while camping.


The cooler features some innovative features like maintaining desired temperature level that ensures that the food stays safe and fresh.


The product comes at a reasonable price for all the features that it provides.


The strong iron handle and sturdy features make it a durable option.

User Reviews

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Good user reviews

We Like

  • Comes with the unique sturdiness
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Features cup holder for your drinks
  •  This is cooler can withstand wild, harsh conditions

We Don't Like

  • ​Less cooling retention with faster melting ice
  • Poor insulation offered by thin walls

Summary:  The sturdy iron handle ensured durability and high portability. Different locations demand different temperature settings. Giantex offers a unique temperature setting that can be maintained at your will.

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Keeping food fresh and safe on trial is very important. However, it comes at a great price. That is where Giantex coolers come to your rescue.

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The material is an excellent addition to your hiking party with its greater portability and quality. The unique temperature setting feature makes it usable at any temperature. So this cooler is useful all year round.

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The cup holders come handy where you can place your cups. You become an environmentally committed person with this cooler. It is a dependable option for all year round.

The reasonable price with excellent user review is greatly compelling to make this choice. A sure companion for your wild days.

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