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Princy Cycil

Detailed Review of Gooket outdoor hiking pants

Gooket Women's Water-Resistant Quick Drying Outdoor Sports Climbing Hiking...

Use: Convertible Hiking pants 


Gooket has come up with some innovative features like resistance to friction and static which has made the brand quite a pro


Reasonably priced for all the additional features it provides


The convertible was poorly durable and was not resistant to wear and tear that comes with the long-term use

User Reviews

The easy to clean feature and anti-static properties made it a hit among women hikers

We Like

  • ​Enriched with anti-friction properties
  • Additional enhancements of static prevention
  • Durable nylon zipper
  • Comes with an elastic belt to ensure fit

We Don't Like

  • ​Cheap material
  • Movement restriction

Summary:  Gooket is a brand that has been doing business long to establish a huge fan following. The new comfortable features make it a veteran in women’s apparels. The 100% polyester material is unique with water repellant features.

However, regarding durability, it was quite incompetent. The thin polyester material couldn’t withstand the challenges posed by tough terrain. It was also not suitable for use in the winter months.



Gooket Women's Water-Resistant Quick Drying Outdoor Sports Climbing Hiking...

A woman takes care of her appearance even in the wild.  It is therefore imperative to cater things to the feminine needs. Gooket offers a special line of products that can defeat any women’s wildest whims

The fabric is enriched with anti-fouling odor properties which can keep odors and stains at bay. This can enable a hassle-free cleaning process. The nylon zippers were also unrestrictive meaning you could change your convertibles in a quick snap.

Gooket is one of the  Best Convertible Hiking Pants

The elastic belt also ensures that the pant was made to fit perfectly. With the nylon, material breathability was never an issue. Hence the pant was suitable for hot, moderate climates

Choosing Gooket over others will not be a decision that will be regretted later. The brand is a trusted one that can ensure you unrestricted access to the wild.

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