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Advantages and Disadvantages of Camping Hammock

Camping hammock are becoming quite popular among backpackers and common campers.

It is a best alternative to the traditional tent. Hammocks are more comfortable and affordable than an average tent.

There are many different variety of hammock in the market. Here you can find some of the advantages and disadvantages of using a hammock.

Advantages of camping hammock

Some of the research support that the gentle rocking motion in the hammock makes the people fall asleep faster and deeper which may help to prevent insomnia.

Camping hammock is one of the best way for anyone to relax, to take a nap or to sleep.

Camping hammock helps to reduce stress. When you sleep in camping hammock there is less pressure points engagement in the body that that of sleeping in a straight flat bed.

It helps to reduce some medical conditions like acid reflux, sleep apnea, arthritis.

According to some other research data best position to sleep is to raise the head about 10 to 30 degrees and also that legs should be slightly raised.

This is  the ideal position for the  glymphatic system to work effectively to clean and nourishes the brain during sleep.

Camping hammock naturally provide this position.

child in a hammock


This ideal position even sometimes help to reduce the medical conditions  of Alzheimer’s patients.

You can set up a hammock between two trees that are 12 to 18 feet apart and no matter what the ground is like below the hammock.

To set up a tend it takes more time but to setup a hammock it takes only few minutes.

While camping out in the woods camping hammock provides a comfortable sleep than in a flat ground tend.

Instead of searching for flat smooth ground your priorities become simpler you just need two trees.

Using camping hammock you can reduce the vegetation impact on low-growing plants.

Hence practicing Leave No Trace (LNT) which reduce potential negative environmental impacts.

By using camping hammock you can stay high and dry from wet ground.

You can hung your packs and additional gears in the hammock suspension lines.

When you use a torch from a camping hammock you will get a good visibility around you than on a tent which is on the ground.

In tent you have to get out of your sleeping pad and tent and then to stand up to get a good visibility.

Tent are vulnerable to insect bit but in hammock you get better protection from insect bite.

Hammocks are lightweight and cost less than  most of the tents.

During the day you can enjoy your backyard beauty with some elevation and better visibility.

Resting on a camping hammockResting on a camping hammock

Disadvantages of camping hammock

Hammock is not always versatile, if you are in a desert, grassland or area above tree line you will be not able to setup your hammock.

During cold weather you need extra clothing to insulate yourself especially with cold wind.

Some of the hammock are not good in heavy rain and wind.

In hammock the room is less than that in tent.

If you want to use air bed for sleeping in hammock it is difficult to use.

In hammock with side zip, after you zipin you may be wobbling around to unzip it for initial few times.

It is very difficult to change your clothes  in your hammock than that in tent.

When the temperature drops below 68 degree your body underside will get cold if you laying in your back and this is called frozen butt syndrome.

Advantages and disadvantages of camping hammocks
Advantages and disadvantages of camping hammocks

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Tips to remember

Always check your rope  for fair wear and tear this can easily weakens and break with your weight.

Try to wrap your hammock rope at least twice around the tree this will not only reduce the wear and tear but also protects the tree.

Knowing good knots are very important when tying to a tree.

Try to learn some of the important knots.

When you look out for trees to setup your hammock make sure that the tree will not collapse when put under stress.

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