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Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze  Zipperless Cooler

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Use: For cooling your drinks while camping.


Artic coolers offer the unique features of greater cool retention and easy to clean feature with rhino tech exterior


Reasonable price since it solves many cons of conventional coolers


The thin plastic liner couldn’t make out the challenges of the wild

User Reviews

The users were generally pleased with all the innovative features of the brand

We Like

  • ​Made of smart shelf feature that keeps things separate
  • Comes with back saver shoulder strap that makes easy portability
  • Water resistant feature makes it usable on rainy days
  • No zipper for restriction

We Don't Like

  • ​Expensive choice
  • The thinly constructed plastic liner that was easily breakable

Summary: The cooler is made of rhino tech exterior which made maintenance more manageable. The cooler could retain ice for two straight days due to its triple layer cold block case. The radiant heat barrier was also unmatched for its performance



Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze  Zipperless Cooler

A hard day of hiking demands cool drink and great food. Can the wild offer you refreshment that can chill down the heat? Well, yes with coolers you can.

Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze  Zipperless Cooler

Artic zone coolers were made to solving the problems posed by conventional coolers. This is a perfect choice if you are looking for a cooler that can cool your drinks and food without any hindrance. It is also ideal for multi-day hiking with its superior ice retention capacities.

Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze  Zipperless Cooler

The brand requires little care and maintenance owing to the rhinoplastic exterior. The smart shelf keeps soft things from being crushed by drinks and other hard objects. The blackstrap can be easily worn meaning you won’t tire by carrying your cooler all way up.

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