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Cool Hiking Gadgets for Your Next Outdoor Activity

If you are a serious hiker then you will definitely understand the importance and use of hiking gadgets on a hike.

Find the best suitable gadget according to your plan. When you plan your hike you will get some ideas of the important gadgets that you want to take.

Here is a list of 10 best hiking gadgets that you can take on your next adventure.


Hiking binoculars

Nikon 7576 MONARCH Binocular Black

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Binoculars are the best options if you really want to explore your surroundings while hiking. Binoculars are the best way to experience the beauty of our mother nature close and while still keeping our distance from disturbing the wildlife.

Binoculars are used for various purpose such as hiking,trekking, bird/animal watching, hunting,sailing, common outdoor activities etc.

Hiking water filters

Katadyn Water Purification Filters

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When you are hiking  drink purified or filtered water which is really important in maintaining your health.

It is not that every water sources seems to be unsafe but sometimes even the crystal clear-looking sources of water will make you sick.

If the wildlife or the humans can very well reach a region, then you can be sure that their contaminants can also be transmitted through the fecal matter mainly at areas near to water source.

You won’t ever survive without food ,water and shelter. Even if there is a lake nearby, the sources may contain harmful viruses, bacteria and many other pathogens in it.

Get prepared with a good quality water filter while hiking so that you can prevent diseases from contaminated water.

Hiking compass

Silva Polaris Compass

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Navigating through an unknown terrain is really a tough task  as the visibility is poor.

We cannot fully depend on Built-in GPS watches, GPS devices and smartphones as they tend to be useless if they go out of signal or battery. There is nothing as dependable as an old compass.

Some of the benefits of  Compasses  over the navigational devices are it is lightweight, durable and above all they are not dependable on batteries.

An old compass is one of the most powerful tools which you can rely on.

A compass can show four cardinal directions such as North, East, South and West. In addition to it a compass has got a bearing to determine various other important measurements which is required for navigation.

Hiking GPS

Garmin GPSMAP High Sensitivity GLONASS Receiver

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Hiking GPS is a must needed thing for all serious hikers.

A compass and a map will  always be our hiking buddy.

For a smooth navigation handheld GPS devices are a much needed one. While hiking or trekking a unknown tough terrain GPS can assist to simplify it.

You can use your smartphone for GPS. When you are Hiking or Trekking it is better to consider using a handheld GPS device rather than a smartphone GPS.

GPS signal reception is much better than smartphones.

Handheld GPS is best one to consider while hiking through some unpredictable and harsh terrain. It is also  durable and reliable device.

Most of the handheld GPS devices come with a cheap AA batteries.

Handheld GPS devices are designed for rough and tough terrain and are made water resistant.

Hiking solar backpacks

SolarGoPack solar powered backpack

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solar backpack contains batteries and thin film solar cells. These solar cells in the solar panels convert the sunlight into electricity and stores in the battery.

Depending upon the solar panel capacity it can provide  electricity to power up some electronic gadgets.

Hiking watch

Suunto Ambit3 Peak HR Running GPS Unit

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For all those hiking enthusiasts navigation with a compass,map,barometer and altimeter have become an old school practice. Although they are the basic tool for navigation. Why the hard way? When you have all those functions on your wrist.

A good hiking watch can aid with navigation, planning, weather prediction, atmospheric pressure, heart rate, altitude, sunrise time, sunset time, water resistance and more.

Multi-tool for Hiking

Leatherman Signal Multitool Stainless Sheath

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A Multi-tool is a portable and versatile multi function tool.

Multi-tool can save space and can easily fit inside a pocket.

It is a combination of different tools like knife, saw, pliers, screwdrivers etc, you can select your combination according to your need. There are variety of different combination multi-tool  available on the market.

Hiking headlamp

GRDE Zoomable 3 Modes Super Bright LED Headlamp with Rechargeable Batteries

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Headlamp is as useful as other gadgets. If you are hiking at night or when dark the visibility is a very important factor.

Headlamp is always a better option than a hand torch. If you are hiking for a long distance then the possibility of being stuck in dark is greater.

On the trail we have to free our hands for using maps, GPS, compass etc for navigation.

Hand free torch like visibility headlamps are suitable while hiking.

Gopro hero 6

GoPro HERO6 Black

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GOpro is an action camera for extreme sports and adventure activities.

Some of the features include waterproof up to 10m underwater without a case  and by using super suit housing it can go deeper up 60 m.

Other features are in build WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and can withstand rough and tough environment conditions, 4K video recording @60fps , Custom GP1 processor, electronic image stabilisation, 2-inch touch display, very high quality microphone,12mp still camera.

You can buy a lot different accessories, mounts, gimbals etc.  

Go Tenna

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The Go Tenna is off grid communication tool. It helps you to send text messages, share GPS location data with others in your group via a smart device.

It works when your phone has no network service signal. Go tenna will help you stay connected with your fellow hikers. In open places you can get range up to 5 miles and in a congested place up to 1 miles range.

10 Cool Hiking Gadgets

10 Cool Hiking Gadgets

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Now you know some the best hiking compass, watch, Binoculars, water filters, GPS, action camera, multi-tool, headlamps.

.The above mentioned Gadgets are some of the primary Gadgets that you can include in your next adventures hiking.

All these 10 Gadgets have a unique functions, you can choose the right one for your purpose

These  hiking gadgets can ease your hiking difficulties and will make it a more enjoyable and memorable one.

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