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Anupama Pradeep

Top 10 Best Multi Tools for hiking [2022 Reviews]

Whether you are planning for hiking, camping or hunting, a multi-tool is an amazing piece of hiking gear which is really handy. It can fit easily inside your pockets.

Carrying a multi-tool with you while hiking will save lots of hassle as well as packing space. This is a pocket-sized tool which holds together all the functions which you could come across a typical toolbox used in the household.

Instead of packing all the screwdrivers, saw, pliers and knives you can find all these in a small and compact tool which in turn does the functions of all these.

You don’t need to worry as this compact tool kit can be placed within your backpack itself. There are even multi-tool kits which can fit inside a pocket. Choose the one which satisfies your need.


Quick Comparison : Top Multi Tools

  1. Leatherman - Signal Multitool, Stainless Steel with Nylon Sheath (FFP)
  2. Victorinox SwissTool
  3. Wallet Ninja 18 in 1 Multi-purpose Credit Card Size Pocket Tool
  4. READYMAN Wilderness Survival Card credit card sized 22 in 1 metal survival tools
  5. Leatherman Squirt PS4 Multi-tool

**Below, you'll find our expert's reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

How to Choose the Best Hiking Multi-tools?

You can use this compact toolkit for countless purposes. Extraordinarily useful, these are one among the ingenious tools for hiking.

They offer a wide range of functions; however, you won’t require all of it. Yet, many of them will be useful to you more than you expected.

 Below listed are the factors which need consideration while selecting your hiking multi-tools.

hiking equipments binocular boot rope flask multi tool knife book pencil


The main consideration with finding the best hiking multi-tool is to figure out the purpose with it.

Whether you are going to use it on daily basis on your house or for hiking purpose or for any specific outdoor adventure, sorting it out will help you to narrow your selection process.


After figuring out the purpose of the multi-tool, you can now move on to the features it holds. Right from the magnifying glasses to the scissors and the saws, all the popular ones are available in the marketplace. First think about your major requirement.

 For example, campers will be focusing more on the knives as well as openers. Note down the tools which you need the most and then compare with the multi-tools for choosing the best fit for you.  


You can get cheap ones as low as $3 or $4 dollars via online or through stores. However they don’t have all the features which the high end ones are having. A durable as well as high quality, multi-tool will cost around $150 dollars.

They will be versatile and well-made too. While settling on the budget, check out how often you are planning to use it.

Number of Functions

The number of functions as well as the type will make each hiking multi-tool unique. Majority of the ultralight backpackers will try to pick one with eating utensils or that tool which is smaller when compared to average tools for saving on weight.



You should also consider the weight factor even if you are not an ultralight backpacker. If you are not going to use it for anything else other than for opening your beer bottles, then going for a smaller and cheaper tool is the best option for you as it will avoid the extra weight factor added to your backpack.

Remember that, high quality tools are made out of materials with heavy weight.


​The expensive and the heavier multi-tools are highly durable. If you are in a plan to use it on daily basis, then try to get the one which is stylish in nature without compromising on the brand that is having a good reputation in the marketplace.

It accounts for rugged construction along with better longevity.

Different Types of Multi-tools

Multi-tools are categorized under several numbers of configurations. They can be a simple one-piece thing to something which is complex 20-tool behemoths.

hiking equipments knife

Some of the basic styles may include folding multi-tools, pocket multi-tools, keychain multi-tools, one-piece multi-tools, wallet multi-tools and specialty multi-tools.

How to Clean the Hiking Multi-tools?

Your knife or the multi-tool which is used for hiking is one of the most important gears which are important for your everyday needs.

If you ever feel a resistance while trying to open it up or see any kind of visible dirt or dust particles inside it, then it is high time to clean it. Below mentioned are the steps you need to follow while cleaning your multi-tool.

Remove the Gunk and the Lint

Before you start with, make sure that the tool is dry. Now using a toothpick, you can take out the gunk which is seen within the pivots or in the handle.

Keep in mind that, if you are trying to take the lint out while the tool is wet, it won’t come out, rather will get stuck inside the pivot and later on it will be harder for you to clean it.

Wash the Tool Using Soapy Water

The next step is to wash the knife and clean all the stickiness around it. Be more careful with the locking mechanism and the pivot.

You can even make use of a sponge or some tooth brush with soft-bristles. Take each tool and clean it thoroughly by opening and closing each one of them.

Soak the Multi-tool

If your knife has lots of lint or gunk build up inside, it is better to soak it in good sudsy water. Using hot water for this process will help to dissolve all the dirt particles and the sticky residues.

You can even make use of rubbing alcohol on a q-tip if the spots are too tough for cleaning.  

Don’t Disassemble

In order to clean the inner portions of the tool, don’t be in a hurry to disassemble it. This will void the warranty period of the product. Instead, try to make a call to the service centers and let them come and clean it for you.

Dry it Completely

Make sure that you dry the tool completely since even a bit of moisture content will end up in corrosion. There are even chances for the handle to get destroyed.

If there is rust on the blades, you can buy products from the markets which clean the rust very easily. Once this is done, wash and dry it once more.

Oil Your Multi-tool

There are many multi-tools which are coming with moving parts that includes pivots and the locking mechanisms. Make them lubed always so as to work reliably each time.

Review of some of the Best Multi tools for Hiking

Our Recommendation

Leatherman - Signal Multitool, Stainless Steel with Nylon Sheath (FFP)

The Leatherman - Signal Multitool, Stainless Steel with Nylon Sheath (FFP) came first in the market and they are still the topers owing to their amazing features.

The makers are coming with tool that has wide range of configurations. With tools such as fire-starting rod along with an emergency whistle, you can very well withstand all the challenges which nature throws at you.

The Signal comes with tools such as a knife, needle nose pliers, screwdrivers and saws.

Leatherman - Signal Multitool, Stainless Steel with Nylon Sheath (FFP)


  • angle-double-right
    Great camping-specific features
  • angle-double-right
    Classic design
  • angle-double-right
    Tools lock rightly which assures safety
  • angle-double-right
    Ease in use


  • angle-double-right
  • angle-double-right
    Design of the handle provides uncomfortable feeling for some users
  • angle-double-right
    Not that much durable when compared with the other models of Leatherman

Victorinox SwissTool

The Victorinox SwissTool is a multi-tool which is compact and sturdy in its construction. This is one of the best brands for out in the market for the multi-tools and pocket knives.

It has got folding multi-tool that has 37 functions along with a high quality stainless-steel body. It comes with a Phillips head screwdriver, bottle opener, large knife blade, can opener, metal file and also a metal saw.

It has got a life time warranty period.

Victorinox SwissTool


  • angle-double-right
    Numerous features and tools
  • angle-double-right
    Made out of high quality materials


  • angle-double-right
    Heavy and large in size
  • angle-double-right
    The shipping is limited to certain countries

Foot Note!!!

You have now reached the ending part of the article and might be confident enough to make the final move on choosing the multi-tool for hiking. Keep in mind your major uses and also consider the tool’s top features prior to picking a particular model.

A good hiking multi-tool can make a big difference between a misery as well as memorable trip and will even help when you are in some critical situation.

The only thing to keep in mind is not to put unnecessary burden on you while on the go. Make things lighter by making the perfect choice.

image credit: amazon.com, amazon.in

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