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Top 10 Best Water filters for Hiking [2022 Reviews]

Water treatment or purification or filtration is really important in maintaining your health, especially when you are camping outdoors. It is not that every water sources seems to be unsafe, however sometimes even the pristine-looking sources of water will make you sick.

If the wildlife or the humans can very well reach a region, then you can be sure that their contaminants can also be transmitted through the fecal matter.


You won’t ever survive without food or water or shelter. Even if there is a lake nearby, the sources may contain viruses, bacteria and many other factors in it. Rather than causing infections from these water sources, go prepared with a good quality water filter while hiking.

The write up will help you choose the right hiking water filter for use in outdoors which helps to keep the water clean and hygienic, thus eliminating all the protozoa and bacteria. Certain filters even defeat viruses as well.

Quick Review: Top Water Filters

**Below, you'll find our expert's reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

About Water Filters!!!

Water filters are the best ways to purify the water quickly while on trail which you can drink without any worries. The filters are heavier and expensive when compared to any other water purification methods.

In the recent days there are many manufacturers who are offering great advances in the water filters and provide light weight, cheap as well as effective tools for your hiking needs.

Water filters usually need a small extra work like squeezing or pumping. However, they are faster, effective and provide the most convenient method to get pure water.

Water Purifiers vs. Water Filters

The main difference between the water filter and the purifier is with the size of the microorganism they combats. The filters will work by straining out the bacteria and filtering your water.

Prefilter – What Is Its Use?

There are various factors which murk up your drinking water in different ways like silty water, mud stirred, glacial sediment and leaf debris. The natural particles will have an effect on how easy water treatment can be performed, amount of field maintenance and also the lifespan of the filter components.

One of the best methods to deal with these issues is to make use of a prefilter. A prefilter is nothing but a great and handy accessory that removes all the large particles from the water in order to improve your water treatment process. 

Nowadays, majority of the pump style models are coming along with a prefliter. If you are not choosing such a model, don’t worry! You can even purchase one separately.

There are certain water filters which will overlap the backpacker types. So if you ever see such a product twice somewhere, keep in mind that it works well for many activities.

Different Types of Backpacking Water Filter

A few water filters just need a simple setup and once the system is set, you can sit back and relax while the water is getting filtered.

For instance, the gravity water filters functions by using the gravity to filter the water from one bag to a new.

Some other water filters need active participation, means you have to filter the water physically by pumping or by squeezing. Another important factor is that, there are some backpack filters which are ceramic and hence can’t be exposed while being in extremely freezing temperatures.

Cleaning Your Hiking Water Filters

Nowadays, the water filters are coming with instruction leaflet which includes the maintenance as well as the cleaning instructions. Below mentioned are some of the typical procedures which need to be followed while in filed for cleaning your water filters.

The first and the most important thing is that, you should find out a clean water source. This is to avoid giving unwanted burden for your filters.

Find out pools instead of running water as this water may mix up with sand and debris. By making use of a foam float, keep the intake hose away from the bottom portion of the stream. This will help you to avoid sucking up the mud, leaf detritus, sand, muck and lots more.

hiking lady filling water botle from river

Sedimentation to get Clear water

There are lots of ways in which you can settle the muddy water. Dip a bottle full of water and keep it aside for settling down the mud and other elements in it.

However make sure that you don’t leave it as such the whole night. Even this simple step will help you to take out the clearer water for processing. This in turn will triple the time between the filter replacement and other cleaning procedures.

Back-washing of water filters

Certain water filters can be well back washed if the output is slowing down. For this, you need to detach the intake hose and then fix it right away to the outlet filter. Pumping will help to send a backwash of pure water via filter and this will help loosen few accumulated gunk. Once this is done, you should ensure that the filter element is sanitized using a diluted bleach solution.

Scrub the Filter

Another technique to note down is to scrub the filter element for speeding up the water flow. You can use a toothbrush for scrubbing the cylinder to restore the normal output flow. Make sure that before using a scrubber go through the instruction leaflet and check whether you can use it for that particular filter or not.

If you unknowingly scrub a filter which is not designed to be so, then the performance will go down for sure.

Periodic Disinfection of Water filter

The next important factor to do is to disinfect the filter periodically. There are high chances for the microorganisms to get multiplied inside the filter.

If the maker recommends, then flush the filter element after each and every trip by using a diluted chlorine solution - 1 capful of household bleach mixed with ¼ of water. Now pump the water with around 25 strokes, until the last drop is out. Now dry and store it back.

Review of Some of the Best Water Filters for Hiking

Our Recommendation

Katadyn Water Purification Filters

The Katadyn Water Purification Filters is made with high quality and robust construction and fits well for long lasting continuous usage. This water filter can be used in extreme weather conditions as well.

The silver impregnated ceramic element present on the filter will help to fight against bacteria as well as protozoa with the aid of a Micro Filtration method.

This pocket water filter is picked up by majority of the outdoor enthusiasts and many international travelers for their hiking needs. The cartridge can clean up to around 13,000 gallons of water based on the condition of the water source.

Katadyn Water Purification Filters- Carbon Activated MicroFilters for Backpacking, hiking, camping, or emergency water purification, Purify up to 13,000 gallons
Major Features:
  • Pocket water filter designed
  • Effective against bacteria and protozoa
  • Filters all microorganisms
  • Round pump handle for easy pumping
  • Outlet hose is fixed to the containers using a clip


  • angle-double-right
    Round pump handle offers easy pumping
  • angle-double-right
    The kit includes hydration accessory, a prefilter, bottle clip, carry bag, measuring gauge and cleaning pad
  • angle-double-right
    Weight of the filter is around 20 oz and the height is 10
  • angle-double-right
    This is the only water filter which has 20 Years Warranty period
  • angle-double-right
    It helps to filter out all particles, sediment as well as microorganisms which are found on the water sources


  • angle-double-right
    The filter doesn’t suit for salty water
  • angle-double-right
    It does not filter the viruses. It needs to be killed through some other processes like boiling, adding chemicals or using UV light

Personal Water Filter Straw

The Personal Water Filter Straw is not just smaller in size, but is safer and powerful as well. This next generation nano water filter is 200 times more efficient in removing all the bacteria along with the protozoa.

This in turn makes sure that you drink 100 percent safe and filtered water. It comes with a handy 72 hours emergency kit. It is rated to 1500 liters. Before you start using it, check for manufacturer leaflet and begin with it.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter for Hiking, Camping, Travel, and Emergency Preparedness


  • angle-double-right
    Smaller in size
  • angle-double-right
  • angle-double-right
    Easy to drink
  • angle-double-right


  • angle-double-right
    May be clogged fast

Foot Note!!!

The purification of water is a wide category which contains chemicals, filters, boiling and UV etc. These techniques, if carried out correctly will purify the water appropriately.

Filters are a specific class which is available in various forms for filtering out the pathogens when water is passed through them. The type of filter which you choose will highly depend on the level of knowledge, budget, preferences as well as your risk tolerance.

Drinking water which is not filtered or purified will end up very sick or contracting parasites. So choose wisely!!!

Image credit: amazon.com, rei.com, amazon.in, decathlon.in

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