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How to Clean Your Thermos flask

Thermos flask has become an important stuff in everyday’s life. Most of the people depend daily on this stuff for keeping their coffee, water or other beverages hot for a longer time.

For serious Hikers especially for those in extreme cold weather conditions thermos has become a much-needed stuff.

Why is it important to clean your thermos flask?

The use of coffee or other beverages can build up residue inside thermos overtime.

Milk can build mold inside it. If residue and mold stay’s for a long-term this can cause potential health problems.

Not cleaning your thermos for a longer period provide the suitable condition for germs to multiply and spread easily.


Some of the ways to clean thermos flask

Clean using ice and salt

Add 3 to 4 teaspoon of fine grain salt or 2 to 3 teaspoon of sea salt of larger grain and fill ¼ th of the thermos with ice cubes. After this without much delay close the thermos cap and shake it in all the possible direction.

Rinse out the flask and again rinse out after adding some warm water to it. Make sure all the salty water inside it is removed completely.


Baking soda


If the ice and salt can’t solve your problem then consider using baking soda. Baking soda not only cleans but also kills harmful germs

Mix a cup of baking soda with warm water and pour it inside the thermos. Swirl your thermos so that the mix can reach entire inside surface.

Use a bottle brush to clean inside of your flask. Rinse out the solution after some time.




[two_third_first] Like baking soda vinegar can also kill harmful germs.

Vinegar can be considered as an all-purpose kitchen cleaner. For coffee stains in the thermos, vinegar is the best. Mix vinegar and water on a 1:1 ratio.

The acidity content in some products varies. Mostly 5% acidity is used 6% acidity vinegar is also available in the market. You can try both these and find out which one works better for you.

Normally with 5% acidity, the job can be done. For 1% extra acidity you have to pay 40% extra money.

If you are going for extra 1% acidity product then make sure that the product is safe for cooking, check the product details. [/two_third_first][one_third_last][/one_third_last]


Baking soda and vinegar

If the above three methods don’t work then try this one.

Add approximately 120 ml of vinegar and one tablespoon of baking soda. After this fill with hot water and keep it for 1 ½ hour. Don’t close the cap leave it open. When the froth up decreases scrub with a bottle brush.


 Using denture cleaning tablet

[two_third_first] According to the liter capacity of the thermos add 1 tablet to two cups of hot water. It will froth up and can spill out the hot water so be careful. 

Keep it overnight and then clean it with a bottle brush. This tablet has an antibacterial effect. After this wash the flask with clean fresh water several times.[/two_third_first][one_third_last] [/one_third_last]

5 Ways to Clean your Thermos Flask
5 Ways to Clean your Thermos Flask

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