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How to Clean your Camelbak Hydration Reservoir

You might have just reached home after a long trail and might be tired too or hungry and not yet decided which to go at first –whether to unpack your things, have food or to take a deep and cool shower.

Cleaning the filthy hydration pack might be the last thing in your mind for sure. Above all, how to clean Camelbak bottle is one of the major confusions which many of the hikers have in their mind.


CamelBak Hydration Reservoir?

Camelbak Hydration Reservoir

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CamelBak's are the best thing when it comes to trekking or hiking. They have been developing hydration kind of accessories along with various sports equipment for the past 25 years and are the leader in the market now.

CamelBak is best and top rated for their hydration packs since they are using the best and the most flexible water bladder which is attached to a drinking tube for delivering water while engaging in some high endurance or intensity action.

Instead of carrying your huge water bottles or water cans during hiking, you can simply make use of the best CamelBak which is strapped crossways your back.

Apart from the easiness in carrying water, the majority of the hikers have come across the fact that the intake of their water has been increased owing to the simple logic that you don’t even need to stop or unscrew the bottles for drinking water. Simply grab the straw for sipping the water while on the go. This is one of the best ways by which you can keep yourself hydrated during your trekking sessions.

How to Use Camelback?

Using the hydration bladder in the right way, within a specialized hydration pack or inside the pack which has got some internal pockets for keeping your hydration bottle will be the best option as you can handle it easily and safely.

The backpacks which are currently available in the market have got a special port for taking the drinking tube out through the pack for attaching it to your shoulder strap for accessing quickly.

The big opening which is provided at the topmost portion of the hydration bladder will help in the easy filling as well as a cleaning process. In order to prevent accidental leakage, it is always recommended to open up the bite valve of the CamelBak with light pinch and then lock it back using the valve switch.

How to Clean a Water Bladder – The Basics!!!

The cleaning process can be simply explained with four basic steps:

Step 1: Rinse the hydration bottle well using hot water every time you use.

Step 2: It is good to add one tablespoon of bleaching powder to one full bladder in order to perform a thorough cleaning.

Step 3: Rinse the hydration system well using hot water.

Step 4: The final step is to dry the bottle using a wadded-up paper towel. Make sure that you air dry it well before the next use for ensuring its life and quality.

How to Clean Hydration Bladder Part by Part?

By cleaning the hydration system in the right way, you can always ensure that your drinks are tasty and clean.

After all, the complete cleaning process is just two-stage. The very first step is to mix and add up the solution for cleaning in order to neutralize all the dirt inside the bottle. After that, you should wash it thoroughly with the help of soap for removing the residues of the solution which is used for cleaning.

Adding the Cleaning Solution

Fill up the system with hot or warm water and then add the cleaning solution. The next step is to seal the bottle and then shake it. Now you have to lift up the reservoir by allowing the tube drape right on to the sink and then the bite valve can be opened until the last drop inside the system is out. This will make sure that the hydration system is in right contact with the cleaning tablet used. Keep it aside for soaking.

Go through the instructions which are written on the reservoir-cleaning solutions on how much time you should keep it for soaking for getting the desired results. Once the waiting period is over, make sure that you drain it well.

camelbak reservoir rinse
camelbak reservoir wash with warm water

Image credit : Camelbak

Wash the System Well and Then Rinse

You need to fill the system again and then add dish soap along with warm water. Using some scrubber, gently scrub the inside portion of the bladder and also the interior of the bottle tube. This process can be made easier if you could take out the bite valve separately and then scrub and wash. Carefully rinse it.

There are many questions arising like” are camelbaks dishwasher safe” these days. The answer is “absolutely YES”. Prior to placing it inside the dishwasher, go through the instructions provided by the maker to ensure safe wash.

camelbak reservoir cleaning with bleach
camelbak reservoir water and soap cleaning
camelbak reservoir empty
camelbak reservoir rinse tube
camelbak reservoir rinse tube again
camelbak reservoir scrub tube

Image credit : Camelbak

Air Drying

Remove all the pieces including the bite valve, reservoir and the tube. Keep the system correctly on the hanger or set it in some position for drying. Hang the bottle tube well with the bit valve aside.

Note: For getting best results from Camelback water bottle cleaning process, ensure that you clean and dry it well after each use. If any kind of nasty smell is coming out of the bottle or the smell persists, it is high time that you should change the reservoir. Some of the recent models are even coming with anti-microbial coatings.

camelbak reservoir dry with towel

Image credit : Camelbak

How to Dry a Camelback?

For drying the bottle well, use a clean and cotton towel. From the opening portion of the bottle cap, insert it in the horizontal length of your plastic hanger. The next step is to hang it for a whole day or even two for drying it naturally and slowly. Once the required dryness is obtained, take out the towel and then store it back like normal. Make sure that you unscrew the cap or the lid of the hydration system while storing.

camelbak reservoir hang dry
camelbak reservoir hang dry tube

Image credit : Camelbak

Don’t Forget to Clean Camelbak Bite Valve!!! Below Mentioned Are the Tips on How to Clean:

One of the major highlights with the Camelbak range of hydrations systems is that they are made out of non-spill silicone bite valve. This, in turn, will help to maintain the system in the ON position without any leakage issues. It permits one-handed drinking and hence can be very easy to operate. The bite valves are considered as the consumable part of these systems and need to be changed frequently.

Tips on How to Clean Water Bladder Bite Valve Safe:

  • Take out the bite valve from the bottle after every use and rinse it thoroughly. Allow it to dry properly.
  • Using a Sippy Straw Cleaner, you can clean the interior portion of it with warm water and soap.
  • Make sure that you don’t force much for the slit to open up using the straw cleaner since there might be high chances to break the opening.
  • Washing and soaking of the bite valve should be performed with the right solution (bi-carb soda or a few drops of vinegar) as this will help in removing all the stains as well as the smells. 

Now the Other Parts!!!

How to clean Camelbak mouthpiece, bite valve and other parts is one of the most frequently asked questions by regular hikers. This is really simple. Detach every part of the bottle and then place it inside a jar which is filled with warm water. Now close the jar tightly and then shake it for next 30 minutes. Don’t forget to soak the things for around 15 minutes. Now rinse it and dry it carefully. Keep every part of the system in open position until it is dried well.

Storage Wars

The biggest challenge with the hydrations systems is to clean it properly and then store it back in position. You can even store the bladder inside the freezer. However, with regular thawing as well as freezing, there are high chances for tubes and the O-rings to get damaged. For best results, you can use a metal cloth hanger which is covered with vinyl as the two wings can be well-made parallel to each other. Now tie them into the opening of the bladder and the wings will help to set the bladder sides separately for proper drying. You can even clip the top wire in one of the arms of the hanger and then tie the horizontal piece on the bladder. The place which you are keeping it for drying must be warm enough.

Tips & Warnings – The Foot Note!!!

Always ensure that you clean well and dry the CamelBak hydration system after every use for preventing from the foul-tasting water. There might be discolouration or moulds developed within if you don’t clean and dry it well. If this ever happens, fill the bladder with cleaning solutions along with 2 tablespoons of bleaching powder. You can even make use of baking soda. Once soaked for 30 minutes; use cleaning brushes specially made for it and scrub the dirt away carefully. If it smells odd, mix warm water with 1 tablespoon of baking soda and leave it overnight. These simple steps will ensure the safety of your hydration bottle. If permanently stained, then do change the bottle and place order for a new one.

Video & Image credit : Camelbak

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