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Top 10 Best Hiking Hats for Your Next Outdoor Activity [2022 Reviews]

Even though a hiking hat is not included in the priority of your next hike, this is the first and the best way to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun. For every hiking lover, choosing the right hiking hats is a very important step for enjoying the outdoor adventures.


Quick Comparison: Top Hiking Hats

  1. Tilley Endurables T3 Traditional Canvas Hat
  2. Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat
  3. Fishing Hiking Outdoor Hat (02)-Olive
  4. Coolibar UPF 50+ Men's Crushable Ventilated Hat - Sun Protective
  5. Dorfman Pacific All-Season Crushable Hat

**Below, you'll find our expert's reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

How to Choose the Best Hiking Hats?

While searching for a hiking hat, one should keep in mind that you should not just choose a hat which is comfortable and protective, but it should also look pleasant.

Since hat is also one among the most important thing in the gear list, you should make no mistake in it. If you are planning to hike on a sunny day, then try to get one which will provide protecting from the UV rays of the sun.

On the other hand, if you are planning the trip on a rainy or windy day, choose the one which will protect from the rain and wind. With the wide number of choices available in the market, it is really confusing to go for a particular model. Here, in this write-up, we have listed a few models which will help to narrow down your selection.  

Sun and Weather Protection

The major consideration while buying a hiking hat is the amount of protection which it offers from the sun’s UV rays. The best or the top rated ones are those fabrics which can block around 98 percent of the harmful UVB or UVA radiation. So choose the one with higher ultraviolet factor.


Durability is one of the most important factors which any good quality hat should possess. Check for the crushable factor and whether it loses its shape if you stuff it inside the backpack.

The type of the fabric used for manufacturing and its color will determine whether it is made for a single season or for all seasons.

Light colors can get stained very easily with wear and also make sure that you can easily clean using a washing machine or with a gentle hand wash, without compromising the shape of the hat. Choosing a hat which is made out of mildew and water resistant fabric will make sure that you will be protected from the weather changes and also the hat can survive after a spot of rain.


A good hiking hat should hold many features like sun protection, quick-drying, abrasion-resistant as well as moisture-wicking. It is to be noted that loosely woven straw hats will be offering poor sun protection. As a thumb rule, you should not pick that hat which can see light coming through the fibers. 

Comfort and Sizing

Some of the hiking hats claim to be one-size-fits-all, which sounds too good. Expensive brands can be bought in varied sizes and is even having adjustable straps which can fit comfortably into the size of the hand.

There are certain models which are coming with chin straps and these helps to securely fit, thus preventing it from falling down from the windy weather. 


If you are planning to hike during summer season, then pick a fabric which provides both sun protection together with moisture wicking property so that you will stay comfortable and cool during the trails.

Fabrics like nylon are breathable, light in weight and dries quickly. On the other hand, mesh ventilation systems are recent technologies which will permit heat to pass away from head, thus maintain coolness with full of energy.

UPF Rating

The UPF rating is a factor which denotes how much UV radiation it will permit into your skin. For example, UPF-rating 50 indicates that1/50 UV rays will be passed through the fabric and that it protects against around 98 percent of the UV-radiation.

The key element for the UPF-rating is regarding the tightness of the weave which is used in the fabric. However, other elements such as fiber type, dyes, construction, condition of your garment – whether it is worn out or brand new - amount of stretch will also affect the UV-protection levels.


You are not aiming for any awards during your hiking. However, style is always a personal choice. It is really important to be honest about whether you could see yourself wearing. Don’t ever waste your money spending for a different option.

How to Maintain Your Hiking hats?

Washing your hats after every hike will help to avoid the accumulation of sweat or any kind of associated salt sediments which will later deteriorate the fabric. This may sometimes even permanently discolor the hat or may lead to rot.

Never machine wash the hiking hats. Try to wash it by hand, under cool running water. You can make use of a gentle brush (something like a toothbrush) along with mild dish soap as this may help to remove those difficult stains.

Make sure that you avoid using fabric softeners or any kind of bleaches as this may deteriorate some treatments in the hat. Once you clean the hiking hat and are moist, reshape it and carefully smoothen any wrinkles and then air dry it.

Review of Some of the Best Hiking Hats

Our Recommendation

Tilley Endurables T3 Traditional Canvas Hat

The Tilley Endurables T3 Traditional Canvas Hat is picked up by majority of the hikers. It has got a glare reducing dark under-brim, a medium snap-up brim, heavy weight and is 100 percent cotton duck canvas.

The fabric is extremely durable. The hat is designed with medium brim which snaps up on both the sides. The fabric is both rain as well as mildew resistant.

The fabric is certified to block almost 98 percent of the sun’s UVA or UVB radiations. In addition to this, it delivers an ultraviolet factor of 50+.

Tilley Endurables T3 Traditional Canvas Hat

The other features includes dark under-brim for providing floatability and protection. It ties and fit rightly on windy conditions. The hat is hand-sewn and the seams are lock-stitched. It also has a secret pocket in which you can keep items like room key, driver's license or so on.


  • plus
    Under-chin drawstring for securing the hat
  • plus
    Glare-reducing under-brim
  • plus
    Cotton duck canvas
  • plus
    Lifetime guarantee by the manufacturer
  • plus
    Exceptionally durable


  • Quality of the new versions are poor

Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat

The Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat is the most recognizable sun hat which is available in the marketplace. It helps to keep you warm and comfortable all through your trails.

Each inch of this hiking hat is designed in a special functional sun protection. It comes with durable fabrics, patented details, customizable sizing together with a sun-conscious design.

Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat


  • plus
    Strategic mesh ventilation
  • plus
    Water repellent/stain resistant
  • plus
    UPF 50+ resistant
  • plus
    Moisture Wicking
  • plus
    Floatable Foam Core


  • Not that easy to clean since hand wash is not recommended
  • Not waterproof

Foot Note!!!

The best hiking hat will offer you with better comfort and helps you to rock during your trails. If you are planning the hike on a sunny day, make sure that the hat is providing better protection against the harmful rays of the sun.

Go for the one which has the biggest brims and the longest capes as they offer you with all the comfort you need while hiking.

The most rated ones are those with light weight as well as soft materials which keep you cool. Most importantly, choose that model which is easy to wear and handle.

Image credit: amazon.com, amazon.in

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