Top 10 Best Backpack Rain Covers in 2019

Even though the backpacks are made with water-resistant fabrics, they are not really waterproof. So, whether you are planning for a one day hike or just backpacking for a long trip, getting a backpack rain cover will help to keep your gear dry and safe even in the worst climatic conditions.

These handy rain covers are light in weight, fold small and waterproof as well. They won’t take much space when not in use.    


Quick Comparison: Top Backpack Rain covers

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Backpack Rain Cover!!!

Did you ever think on how to maintain your gear dry and safe while hiking?

One of the best and simple solutions is to buy a hiking rain cover for your backpack. This is the most important item which should be included in your item list while planning to hit the trails during wet weather.

Well, in this article, we will walk you through the major considerations while buying a rain cover for your backpack and help you choose the best one available in the market.

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Waterproof versus Water Repellent

When we say that a material is waterproof, this states that the water will glide over the outer area but won’t soak the fabric. Water repellent throws same properties in light rain, but won’t survive the heavy downpour.

 It is important to think about the season in which you are planning to hike and also the activities you are planning to use it for prior to buying a hiking rain cover.

Extra Gadgets

The backpack rain covers varies in its functionality and features. While some aims in protecting your backpack from the pouring rain, some others are having additional pockets on them.

This in turn will help to quickly grab something while you hike instead of taking a pause and take off the cover and then open up the backpack.


Buying one which is slightly bigger in size is always the best choice. In this way, you can attach something to the extra pockets in the rain cover. If you are on a hike for longer days and you have a bigger sleeping bag or a camping mat, they can also be into account.

Type of The Material

The rain covers varies in its type of material and hence choose according to your hiking requirements. The nylon rain covers will help to resist better against the wear and tears, which is good for long trips, those backpacks which are marked as seamless will make it even harder for the water content or the dirt to get inside. Apart from this, it even protects against the rain.


Choose the one which is light in weight since the best hiking rain covers will be so. They will be wear-resistant and hence can be used repeatedly in the rugged wilderness while maintaining your gear exposed.

In addition to this, check whether it is scratch-resistant or not since it should not end up in a large tear even if you unknowingly brush it against the rocks or a branch.

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There are a few people who won’t put on much thought on the color of the rain covers. Yes, the color matters a lot. Majority of the backpack rain covers are having reflective graphics on their back side. This is not just meant for style.

They will help people around you to spot your location as the reflective material will help to pick up the light of a flashlight and also the moonlight overhead.


The price tag usually depends on the material which you are choosing and also the size of the cover. Since polyester as well as nylon is more durable materials, they cost a bit higher than that of the other fabrics.

However, they are really worth since they are versatile and offer more strength. Consider your needs and then pick the one which suits you well in terms of budget.

How to Care Your Hiking Rain Cover?

Like any other piece of your outdoor gear, rain covers need good care for retaining its properties. You can wash it well and provide the right treatment for long lasting. While washing, keep in mind not to use any kind of fabric softeners since they may damage the materials used in the making of that product.

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is to protect the covers against the dirt. Even if you are not that much worried about the heavy rains, there are high chances that the rain covers will get dirty in one way or the other.

Walking through the dusty pathway or putting down the backpack while you rest will collect mud to it. Choosing the best backpack rain cover will protect from getting dirty and in this way you can very well wash it later.

There are certain covers which are marked as dustproof and hence they will repel the dust and the dirt. Thus, you don’t need to wash your cover after each hiking. All you need is to wipe the dust away with a small cloth.

 However, if there is a need to wash hiking rain covers, make sure that you wash it after going through the manufacturer’s instruction carefully. 

Review of some of the Best Backpack Rain Covers

Our Recommendation

PAMASE 30L - 70L Waterproof Backpack Rain Cover

The PAMASE Rainproof Backpack Cover is specially designed for protecting your hiking backpack from rain, snow, dust, mud or any other scratches, thus keeping it clean and safe.

The rain cover which is made with an elastic buckle strap will help to secure the hiking rain cover to the backpack safely, especially while you are in a windy condition.

 It is made out of high quality products such as nylon along with reinforced seam stitching for improving the durability and wear-resistance.

PAMASE 30L - 70L Waterproof Backpack Rain Cover with Adjustable Buckle Strap & Reflective Letter Strip


  • Fully protected with security strap
  • Reflective designs with better visibility
  • Reinforced seam and hence higher durability
  • Elastic seam opening gets custom fit
  • 3 size choices for backpacks
  • Quick dry
  • Easy to store in your bag

Osprey Hi-Visibility Raincover

The Osprey Hi-Visibility Rain cover will pack up your backpack securely locked in place with the help of a lightweight wrap which is around a cinch strap along with a well secure hip belt as well as harness attachment.

The rain cover comes with a beautiful carrying case along with it. It is specially designed for protecting 75-110 liter backpacks.

Osprey Hi-Visibility Raincover


  • Crafted with a completely taped light in weight fabric
  • Packs down into its own covering case
  • Reflective graphics
  • Securely locked pack

Foot Note!!!

Getting soaked up in the heavy or light rain will ruin your hiking gear and also your day. Choosing the best backpack rain covers as an essential part of your items will help to strap up the things to your back dry and safe until you reach indoors.

With a wide range of varieties to choose from, it will be really hard for you to choose a particular model.

First try to fix the location and the seasons and then opt for the covers. In this way you can narrow down your selection and pick the right one for your needs.

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