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How to Choose the Best Roll Out Camping Mattress ?

While hiking, the role played by a sleeping mat or a roll out bed mat is highly important. It is a simple piece of device which used along with the sleeping bag.

 When talking about camping, the hardest part is not hiking, starting a fire camp or packing up the gears. It is getting the right amount of sleep during night hours. The main purpose of a sleeping bag mat is to offer padding as well as thermal insulation.

 Nowadays the majority of the sleeping pads are using air as their main form of insulation.

By using a best-rated hiking mat, you are sure to get all the cozy feeling and comfy night hours inside your tent.


The inflatable model sleep mats will give you a luxury feeling when you are away from your home, and the traditional model foam camping mats can be rolled up easily and stored when not in use. The importance of having the right night kit for sleeping can never be ignored.

If you are tired of ruining your night hours by sleeping in the cold woods and on the damp ground, then don’t worry anymore. We are here to help you in choosing the right model for your hiking needs.

 Check out for the wide range of sleeping mats or a top-rated camp mat, and this will take you to a good night sleep. The roll-up sleeping mat is specially designed for minimizing the effect of the cold and the rough ground you are sleeping.

 Check out the complete range of the mats via online or in-store before you plan to buy a camping mat.

What is a Camping Bed Mat?

This is one of the most important items on any hiker’s camping kit which will accompany your sleeping bag. In short, we can say that a sleeping roll mat will help to protect your body from both damp as well as the cold ground where you are planning to sleep. They are basically available in two different forms.

The first model is the standard one which manufactured out of certain waterproof foams. The best example for this model is the ALPS Mountaineering Foam Camping Mat.

The second model is the self-inflating kind of mat which can be inflated when you get inside the tent. Remember that a blow-up camping mat can be placed both inside and outside the tent according to your sleeping preference and climatic conditions.

A Few Important Considerations!!!

The roll-up sleeping pad plays two crucial functions for the best night sleep while in the woods, and they are insulation and cushioning. Even though it seems like giving you a comfortable area for sleeping is the major function of a foam camping pad, the ability of the pad to keep you stay warm all through the night is the prettiest thing which it does.

Some of the essential tips on how to select a sleeping pad for your camping needs may include checking with the varieties of the sleeping pads available, the intended usage and its highlighted features.

 Above all, the most important factor is to try the sleeping pad in person to check with your comfort level and then settle on a particular model.

The first thing you need to do is to lie down on the sleeping pad with your back or side portion (just like you sleep) and then roll on the pad. This will let you know about the comfortable feature which the pad offers and also you can guess the weight factor along with the packed size.

With the help of a roll-up sleeping pad, you can enjoy all the benefits of a cushion layer which will take off the effect of hard ground. Another factor is that buying a thin foam mattress for camping or a thin closed-cell foam sheet will aid you in smoothing any rough surface, and this is the best pick for any hikers who are not having much comfort demands but wish to avoid the harsh effects of the stones and sticks.

Another option is that you can even try adding up an open-cell pad on the upside portion as this may add up luxury. On the other hand, the durable closed-cell foam pad will guard the body against the ground, offering very soft cushion model pad foam.  

Self Inflating Roll Mat Models

These models are really an extension for the conventional manually inflated mattress. They can self-inflate owe to the open-cell foam which is filled within the internal cavity.

The self-inflating bedroll is similar to a thin air mattress and has got a layer of foam padding within. While you open up the valve, the air will be sucked inside and can be inflated very easily and quickly.

All you have to do is to top up the mattress with some additional air, either by blowing with your mouth or by just closing valve and the slightly rolling it back up and then again opening the valve. These models are usually light in weight and can be packed up into a very small compactable size.

The inflatable bed roll normally has the dimensions like 183x51x3.8 cm and weighs around 700 grams. The packing dimension is about 28x16 cm.

Foam Camping Mat

The closed model foam is used for producing mats which can be utilized without the need for any kind of inflation.

They are more durable and light in weight, when compared to the air-filled counterparts since they are manufactured with materials and so, is not prone to any damage from any accidental puncture.

However, these mats will not give you that comfort which the air-filled mats offer. This is due to that fact that they are thin and may take more amount of space within the pack based on the materials used.

The varieties of these models may include shaped or textured foam for increasing the unrolled space or even vary the firmness of the mattress. This can also be utilized for trapping the air inside the egg-carton or the ridge type of the texture.

 Even though the open cell foam model is really comfy, it is not that much used while being in the woods owing to its capacity in absorbing water. The air cells of the open cell foam are crushed, thus lowering the insulation capacity.

Sizes and Shapes

The foam pad for the tent is available in several lengths for accommodating all body sizes. Long, regular as well as short are the most available models in the current market. Usually comes in standard forms which are having 20-inch width. Long size models are available ranging from 25 to 30 inches wide.

The closed cell model foam mattress comes in rectangular shape while the open cells can be bought in rectangular; semi-rectangular as well as mummy shapes and the head end will be curved external a bit.

The sleeping pads which are small in size are available for women hikers too with special features for adding warmth in the hip, feet and torso area. Majority of the makers are providing sleeping pads in kids’ size too.

Keep in mind that it is highly necessary to pick a sleeping pad which offers more space for the whole body. There will be heat loss if any portion of the body gets in touch with the ground, even if it is through the sleeping bag.

What to Consider Before Buying a Self Inflating Mattress?

 Before buying or settling on a particular model, you need to consider regarding the sleeping bag and mat features such as:


 While purchasing a model, you should check whether you have enough space to keep your legs straight. Make sure that the mattress which you are choosing has the right capacity to insulate both your feet and legs, especially while being in a bad cold climatic condition. The mats which are having a 3/4 size is best suited for hikers rather than the family campers.


 The insulation value of any mat is mentioned in terms of the R-value by the manufactures. It is a truth that the weather tolerating capacities of every person varies and hence keep in mind that, choosing a mat with higher R-value will always be better to withstand cold weather. 


 Choose it wisely as you will turn and toss during sleeping hours. You don’t even need to roll it off during night hours since you are on top of a skinny kind of mat.

Price of Sleeping Mattress

The sleeping mats are not that expensive. You can get it anywhere from $12 to $300. The price factor greatly varies based on your needs.

You can get a good mattress which has got all the features to satisfy your hiking needs within $100 itself. One of the reasonably priced and the top rated models among the sleeping mats may include the Vango sleeping mat.

In dry areas, you can get away easily with the use of sleeping bags. On the other hand, the foam pads are thin (1 to 2cm in depth) and offer you all the comfy feeling since it adjusts well with the bumps and the stones which are on the ground that you choose to sleep.

As a suggestion, it is better to go with a Therm-A-Rest air mattress as they will be the perfect option which suits for most of the weather conditions.

Best Selling Camping Mattress

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Foot Note!!!

Keep in mind that if you are planning for hiking and camping inside a tent in the woods, you definitely need to check with certain things for giving yourself the best sleep possible.

In addition to this, a good or top rated foam sleeping bag, the best camping roll mat will help a long way in making you feel comfortable along with guarding you against certain environmental elements.

 They are sure not to break your bank, and there are lots of varieties and designs to choose from. Just like with the camping bedroll, ensure that you get the right mat for the climatic conditions for the terrain you choose to camp.

Make sure that you have with you all the sleeping accessories for enjoying a better camping experience. Enjoy camping!

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