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Sore feet-How to treat sore feet after hiking

Hiking is a beneficial exercise,  and it can take a toll on you if not done correctly. Soreness of the foot seems to be a specific issue among hikers.

Are you worried about the soreness of your feet after hiking? This article helps you deal with the problem effectively.

Steps to soothe your foot

A long day hiking or extended days of hiking could result in sore feet. You can soothe your sore foot  following further steps,  

Spread and stretch the feet

  • Stretching the feet helps you relieve the pain. Spread your leg and stretch it for better blood flow, and thereby it relieves the pain.  
  • Foot roll helps in stretching the foot. Roll the foot back and forth by placing a ball ( tennis ball/ golf ball ) at the bottom of your feet.
  • After sitting down and extending your legs, move your toes towards the body and away from it.
  • Move your angle clockwise and in a counterclockwise direction.
  • Stand straight and lift the front and back of your feet by shifting the body weight from heels to toe.

Elevate the foot and relax 

  • Rest by keeping your leg lifted. Rest your foot above the stack of pillows and relax.
  • Elevate your feet so that it helps in reducing pain and alleviates swelling.

Foot massage 

  • Massage your foot by gently rubbing it. This will improve blood circulation and heal soreness.
  • Rub and lubricate the feet by applying oil or moisturizers.  Knead the bottom of your feet to improve circulation.
  • Products like foot rollers, foot massage balls, and foot massagers are available in the market that helps the foot to relax better.


hydrotherapy for sore feet
  • It simply means 'water cures.' The therapy uses water to comfort and heal problems.
  • Hot water dilates the blood vessels and relaxes the joints. Cold water constricts blood vessels and thus relieves inflammation.

Soak the feet 

  • Footbath is a quick and easy-to-go remedy that you can give a try. Soaking the feet reduces inflammation and can soothe the soreness of your feet.
  • To downplay the soreness of feet, you can add Epsom salt in the water.
  • Dip your feet for about 20 minutes in the warm water mixed with Epsom salt.

Ice bath for sore feet 

  • Damp your feet in ice water. Ice bath helps in reducing inflammation.
  • When you soak your feet in ice water, blood vessels constrict. Thus the blood vessels open up after the soaking is over, which increases blood flow.
  • Try filling a plastic pack with ice and apply or roll it over the sore feet.
  • Rolling your feet over the ice bottle also gives you relief.
  • Try it for 10 to 20 minutes at a time and then relax.  Repeat the procedure after a while.

Pain reliever 

  • Applying menthol or eucalyptus offers pain-relieving sensations. But use it only over foot aches and sores that aren't open or cracked. (don't apply if the sores are open wounded)
  • To relieve the pain, you can also intake anti-inflammatories. It is always better to consult a health advisor before you intake medicine.

Practice strength exercises 

  • Regular exercise keeps your leg flexible and your feet in good health. This can strengthen your feet, avoiding easy injuries and soreness.
  • Practice exercise that strengthens your feet.

Reasons for foot soreness after hiking

Walking is not the only reason for causing soreness on the feet while hiking. Anything from the weight of the pack to the boots can be the wrongdoer for causing footsore.

Reason #1- Weight of the pack

You may wonder, thinking how the weight of the pack related to your foot sore is? The lesser the weight of the pack lesser will be the pressure on the foot.  

Fill your backpack with needed essentials only. Arrange things correctly and evenly. Uneven distribution causes extra tension and too much pressure on the foot.

Buckle the belts and straps properly. Always fasten the straps around your hips and chest; this will help your pack be uptight and comfortable.

Reason #2- Inappropriately  sized hiking boots can be a reason  

In the case of new hiking boots, breaking in is mandatory. The contours of your feet must fit in with the boots for a comfortable journey.

Boots that are not in good condition must be changed. Make sure the laces, hooks, inserts are also of perfect quality.

If you find any difficulty during break-in, change the boots.

Reason #3- Hiking socks are far better than regular socks

I prefer the best hiking socks while voyaging.  Wear them around to know whether they are comfortable before heading on to hiking.

Toe socks can protect your feet. You can prevent friction and the rubbing of feet on the boots. This can reduce injuries and sores from getting worse.  

Perfectly fitting socks without any wrinkles can be the best choice. Avoid cotton socks that cause slippery. Thin socks, blister-resistant socks, synthetic socks, etc., are different types of preferable socks.

Reason #4- Chronic foot pain can also be a reason 

In some cases, home remedies will not improve the soreness of the feet. If the signs of recovery are not evident, consult the doctor immediately.

Prolonged soreness and pain can be healed by consulting the physician and improving medication.

Additional cues

  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Follow a healthy and hygienic diet.
  • Trim your nails appropriately.
  • Try to rest your foot in the middle of hiking. Stretch and relax to feel better.
  • Always carry extra pair of socks and footpads while hiking.
  • Intake painkillers that are prescribed.

Spending some precious time taking care of your foot that carries you around every day is crucial.  Caress your feet to make your hiking stress-free.

The tips and cues of this article are especially for determined hikers like you. Now, share your experiences while hiking.

How do you take care of your feet before and after hiking?

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