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Anupama Pradeep

Does Hiking Boots Improve Your Hiking Experience?


It is a mandatory element that each and every hiker should follow certain hiking rules for staying safe as well as alive for the next hill.

Hence it is important to grab the right and most worthy accessories and gears which are specially made for hiking purposes.

For instance, if you are planning a hiking trip for the very first time, then without any doubt, you should buy the first quality boots for keeping your legs safe and free from pain.

You can’t always set out for hiking with your running or tennis shoes. Every individual is having strong options regarding hiking boots.

However, the most common reason why many hikers stick to buying hiking boots is that they feel they should get the best ankle support.

There are many studies which have proved that the usage of the right boot will have an effect on the whole body.

Consider these prior to buying hiking boots!

Picking the right hiking boots is really a matchmaking process.

It is not necessary that your hiking boots which you dreamed off should sync with where and how you plan to hike.


 Before tying the knot and setting out for the journey, make sure that they are the perfect fit for your legs and are comfy while you walk. 


 Check out the materials which are used for the midsoles, outsoles, lower as well as the uppers and various other parts will help you in refining your choice of boots.


 Try to choose the one which fits well for you from the wide range of collections that ranges from the ultralight trail models to the mountaineering boots.

Based on the location of the hike, choose the type.


 No hiker will love wearing a pair of ill-fitting boots. You might feel the difference between the bliss as well as the blisters if you get the right fit.

Why hiking boots?

For getting the right support and better stability, using a hiking boot is mandatory. And of course, this is the reason why you should always prefer to wear hiking boots during your trail.

 There are several factors which you should consider while buying a hiking boot, like if you are planning a place where there might be snakes, then consider choosing a boot which is snake proof.

There are boots available in all weather and conditions and choosing the right one for your trail is always your part of the job.

The hiking boots have an uncanny ability for drawing you towards them and then punch right on the face with the roots, rocks, mud, water and so on.

 Only if there is a fall or something like that your feet will be targeted. A right pair of hiking boots will guard you against many factors and will help you to move on or even run with the entire load if in case a wilder one comes your way.

ice crampons for traction

Will hiking boots improve hiking performance?

Hiking boots are one among that gear which will help you in providing the right support even if the ground you walk is unruly. They are specially designed with those materials which are capable of withstanding several adversities along with staying intact.

The heels of these boots are constructed with absorbing the shocks from feet strike. Your ankle will get enough support from the heel cup, thus reducing the shock on the Achilles tendon.

Apart from all these features and added protection, the boot’s soles are thick enough that you will be less prone to get hurt even if a sharp object pierces its sole.

According to the famous concept by Colin Fletcher, the effect on around one pound on your feet is equivalent to five pounds on your back.

However, this hypothesis was disproved by several other scientific experiments.

How to choose a hiking boot which is long lasting?

While choosing a boot, check for the durability of the material which is used for the making.

Companies would definitely love to show off the quality of the product which they offer.

Check for the terms such as abrasion resistant, Polyurethane, and TPU wielding.

The PU is a synthetic material which is versatile in nature and helps provides the wearer cushioning and better insulation.

These boots which have the above-said features will be light in weight and will be extremely abrasion resistant.

They would be the preferred choice for any hiker as the midsole of the boots will offer the required plush and comfy feeling.

Apart from this, while grabbing your pair, pick the ones who are having a protective layer around the heels and on the toe cap. This additional measure will help the boot last longer.

 Those boots that are perfect will come with various features such as better stability and more grip, durable material, dri-Tec waterproof technology membrane, ghillie lacing system, breathable, style and color, all-weather support, lightweight and enhanced traction and movement.

Care for your hiking boots well!

Buying a hiking boot is not the biggest deal. Maintaining it properly is the only way you can prepare for more adventures.

The caring part starts right after your usage.

first aid blisters

Make sure that after every trail, you should gently brush the boots for removing the dirt and the debris and clean it with a clean cloth and also with some warm water. This process is sure to improve the longevity of your boots.

If you fail to do this, the salt, debris, moisture content, and the other elements will dry, and the boots will reach its expiry date faster than the recommended time.

 Keep in mind that based on the materials which are used for the making, the care for the boots varies.

 For boots that are having synthetic materials used for the construction, use a stiff brush for cleaning. You can even make use to a cloth and warm water for cleaning.


While choosing hiking boots, never think about getting a cheaper one.

You should keep in mind that it is unavoidable to compromise on the quality of the product. Buying a low cost and less quality product will end you up in buying a new one after a hike itself.

Be wise to choose a particular model based on your requirements.

Of course, hiking boots have the capacity to enhance the overall hiking experience and hence to keep them running well; you have to put some effort. Else, be prepared to face the peek-a-boo toe.


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