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Compression Bags For Backpacking in 2022

 How Does It Benefit You?

Sleeping stuff bag is one of the most important pieces of gear since it serves two major roles. The first element is that it helps to reduce the overall packed size of your backpacking sleeping bags and this will finally free up some space in your pack.

The second factor is that it helps to protect the bag from adventure grime dirt as well as water. The compression sack for the sleeping bag is constructed out of nylon or same kind of fabric which you stuff the clothing into. You can insert the fabric tabs for sucking and letting the air go outside from the sleeping bag for creating more room for your luggage.


What is a Stuff Sack?

The sleeping bag stuff sack is a kind of drawstring bag which is used to store the items which are required for camping. Without the aid of stuff sack, you will find it hard to manage and will be otherwise bulky.

It has got a cloth lid which is fixed to the sealed end or the opposite end of the stuff sack by adjusting the straps. If you are in a plan to save some space in your backpack, then using compression stuff sack is the best and the most useful tool which will help to lower the volume of other items such as clothes, sleeping bag etc.

There are certain manufacturers who will include a compression sack which is designed according to the size of your sleeping bag and this, in turn, will help make the sleeping bag into a small packable or acceptable size.

However, there are options for safely compressing the bag to an acceptable size by making use of an accessory compression stuff sack. The real question is “what is the actual size required?”

Compression Sacks – What Are They?

Compression bags for backpacking are designed using nylon or similar materials which helps you to keep your clothing. They are available in different sizes and may vary from the packing cubes as they are made to keep your gear as much as possible.

With the help of this, you can efficiently pack things and keep it inside your backpack. These are especially important if the luggage matters a lot. And nowadays the campers will be thankful for making the load as compressed as possible.

Is Compression Sacks Ideal for You?

Travelers, backpackers, hikers and many more will benefit from the compression sacks. With the use of stuff sack compression, the hikers can place their sleeping bags and other gear inside it and make more room for the clothing.

You can even get waterproof versions and hence place the order according to your needs. The very first thing to do in selecting the right stuff sack is to think about the two major questions: what is the real use of it and where are you going to use it. Once you have answers to these two questions, you are almost done.

compression backpacks

Basic Types of Stuff Sacks

Compression Stuff Sacks

 When the size of the sack is at a premium, then the compression sacks will do wonders for removing the bulk of the sleeping bag on your backpacking trails.

Waterproof Stuff Sacks:

 These are the most important thing if you are planning a river trip. They will be really handy when it comes to wet conditions. Remember, if you are using it for a river trip, then it is important that you should make use of PVC submersible waterproof fabrics along with some roll-top closure settings.

Waterproof Compression Sacks:

These compression dry sacks are the striking combinations which will help to make the sleeping bag dry while being on river trips.

Item Stuff Sacks:

These are the sacks which in olden times called the diddy bags. It has got more room for keeping those stray sporks and batteries. 

Ultra Lightweight Stuff Sacks:

Every single ounce will be counted while you carry your home right on your shoulders. These lightweight models will help to reduce a few ounces. This, in turn, will help to save more energy during the end of your long backpacking trail.

Importance of Stuff Sacks

If you are planning a long distance trip, then minimizing the overall weight and accessories will help you to save some energy. Rather than making use of the clunky commercial stuff packs which is having several unwanted compartments and pockets, go for the ultra-light models which are paired with minimal stuff sacks.

Compartmentalizing is another way to organize your things and getting rid of headaches. The stuff sacks will help you to segment every gear which you carry by grouping it in a different and easy to handle way.

Make sure that it is having a good water protection feature. Your pack will be already having some waterproof blockade which will be either a liner or a pack cover or so on. Whatever, it is really important that you should add an additional layer as a means of protection to your gear. You will never know when the liner which you are using is going to leak and finally you will end up with all the gear drenched.

This is the place where the stuff sacks come into action. It will make sure that all the important items such as electronics, sleeping bags, and your garments are dry even under wet conditions.

The next important thing which you can do is to consolidate the gear into small bags as this will save many ounces. Changing from the factory issued sleeping bag compression sack to the one which is of higher quality will help you to save weight. Keeping the weight lighter will help you in several ways during a long run. The next important consideration is with the portability. It is always easy to take a small bag along with your eatables into the campfire rather than bringing the whole pack.

Things to Consider!!!  

  •  Check for the weight to volume ratio. Every backpack will be having its  own carrying capacity.
  •  Say no to the manufacture sacks. It is important to keep in mind that the factory sold stuff sacks will be bulky, of poor quality and will not   be waterproof too.
  •  Choose the compression bags since they are the best type of stuff sacks which will reduce the space or the overall volume of many   items.
  •  The Roll tops are the best choice for gear which requires an airtight enclosure, meaning that it is good for gear which requires     waterproof, bug protection etc.
  •  Choose the one which is made out of the highest quality. Prefer picking up those made with Dyneema or Ripstop Nylon as these will   offer long life.
  •  Check for the carrying capacity, which is usually measured in terms of liters. You can find even sacks which are small enough to keep your   cell phone protected to the big ones which can protect the entire pack. Know your intention and then choose it wisely.

How to Choose the Sleep Sack Sizes?

One of the best ways in which you can choose the size of the compression sack is by looking into the packed size info of the sleeping bag. Based on whether they are synthetic or down and owing to the liner fabrics, the packed volume of your sleeping bags may differ. Due to the same, it is not that easy to connect the temperature rating with the size sack of your compression sack.

The easiest way in which you can know whether your bag will fit inside the particular compression sack is to check the compressed volume. Below mentioned are the tips which will help you choose the right compression bag for a sleeping bag:

  • Place the sleeping bag inside the cardboard box which is somewhat bigger than the size of the bag.
  • Note down the width as well as the length of the box in inches.
  • Compress the bag firmly in the downward direction and make sure it is correctly levelled.
  • Note down the average depth which the sleeping bag fills in inches
  • The next step is to multiply x depth x width which will be equal to the volume in cubic inches.
  • Now divide the total which is obtained by 61 and this will be equal to the volume in liters.

Keep in mind that it is really not possible to settle on what size of compression sack which you require by just finding out the rating of the bag since there are various elements which will influence the stuffed size. In order to start with, it is good if you could know the maker of the sleeping bag along with the model name. Some of the other important factors to know in details may include the fill type, fill power, gender (women specific or male-specific), size, temperature rating and face fabric for choosing the right compression stuff sack.

The compressions sacks are available in varied sizes and shapes, however, the popular and the most known ones are those which comes with webbing straps for providing the right compression. Roll type model of compression stuff sack are the common ones. On the other hand, some of them are waterproof and is best suited for canoe and kayak trails and can also be used under wet conditions.

The makers of the products will be specifying the size of the stuff sack in several ways. At times, the size will be mentioned as diameter in inches. However, in some models, the spec will be written as a volume in cubic inches or in liters. In certain cases, both of these will be mentioned.

The Sea To Summit Event Compression Dry Sack is one of the most chosen and the branded model out in the market which is really fit to be used during wet weather conditions. This model is making use of the air-permeable base which is constructed from the eVent waterproof fabric. This, in turn, will permit the air to get out of the sack and at the same time won’t let the water to get inside. You can start by initially folding the Hypalon strip downwards and ensure that you are making a minimum of three rolls prior to putting the buckle.

On the other hand, if you are in search of a model which could compress the gear into very small size, then be going for the Sea To Summit Ultra Sil Compression Sack is the right choice. This will help you to pack up into a silicon Cordura stuff sack brand. They are light in weight and are super strong as well. They make use of the ultralight ripstop Cordura fabric since they are available in wide range of colors. It is highly durable and helps your gear to be packed up into a little lighter and easier way. The sizes differ from 1 to 35 liters. Choose the right model once you settle on your requirements. Enjoy Hiking!!!

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