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Anupama Pradeep

Top 10 Best Shirts for Hiking [2022 Reviews]

If you are all set to start with hiking, then you should definitely ensure that you are having all the right gears like maps, backpacks and other essentials gears with you before you hit the trails.

However, if you don’t choose the right garments, then hiking will certainly end up with an uncomfortable experience.


Is hiking shirts same as that of the normal ones which you wear? Well, the answer is no. This is because, these are shirts having special features as well as properties that are effective. In this write up, we will discuss about the factors which you should consider while choosing a hiking shirt.

Quick comparison: Top Hiking Shirts

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How to Choose the Right Hiking Shirts?

Finding the right hiking shirt which fits for your requirements will keep you really cool, withstanding all the external elements, even if the strong sun rays hit you while hiking. It keeps you dry, as well as comfortable all through the journey.

Despite the fabric which is used for the making of the hiking shirts, each layer is having various properties which helps you narrow down your selection and they are wicking, insulating, waterproof, windproof, breathable and above all sun protection.

The Fabric Choices – The Common Ones!!!

Merino Wool

This is a special kind of wool which is obtained from certain selected locations. The fibers of the wool are having water-hating shells (hydrophobic) along with a hydrophilic – meaning water loving - core.

Thus each fiber will help to wick as well as suck the water and the sweat away from the hiker’s body via these cores, where it will vaporize from the outside portion of the shirt.

Polyester Clothing

This is a category of synthetic man-made fiber which is among the most popular of sports garments. That shirt which are made from polyester and mixed with lycra is the best choice for your hiking needs.

 It will carry the moisture content and dries quickly. This is really inexpensive, wicking and also effecting.


Nylon fabric is the most common one which is found on almost all polyester blended hiking shirts as it adds extra strength. The most advantageous part is that, nylon fabric is really windproof and bugproof. It has the capacity to reflect wind and hence a good choice for the hikers.


As silk is capable of moving the moisture content better than any other fabrics, this is considered as the best one which is suited for moderate cool-weather activities. It is proved that silk can very well enhance wicking. It gives a soft and comfortable feeling for the wearer and adds no bulk. However, it is prone to odor and is also vulnerable to sunlight and abrasion.


Breathable cotton fabric is the one among the best materials which is opted for the manufacture of hiking shirt. On the other hand, this fabric will stop your sweat to evaporate, thus making you clammy or even hotter while hiking in sunny days.


The next important thing to check with before you invest your money in buying a hiking shirt is with the length of its sleeves. They serve different purpose rather than choosing it for a particular weather condition.

  • Long Sleeves: Suitable for summer season
  • Short Sleeves: Suitable for both summer as well as winter seasons


The design features which need to be taken care with the hiking shirts are the zippers and the buttons, both of these will let you manage the temperature of your body quickly. Collars are yet another way of making sure that the back portion of the neck is not burned by the hot sun.


Hiking shirts are those which are specially made for your outdoors adventures and hence should withstand against the rucksack straps and also while being caught in the bushes and trees.

Synthetic fibers are found to be more durable than any other natural fibers. They are stretchy and fit wells offering better comfort.

Nevertheless, these fabrics are more prone to getting damaged while washing at hot temperature. Hence it is also important to check with the washing or cleaning requirements in order to make it last for a longer period. Synthetic fabrics dry quickly. 

Fabric Weight

Weight of the fabric is yet another most important factor which needs attention. Consider the other layers of your hiking garments and also the time or the season in which you are planning to hike. These are the important elements which you should check for.

How to Wash Your Hiking Shirts?

Quality Matters

This is the first and the most important step. Invest your money in buying good and high quality fabrics. Even though this costs you a little more, the product can be used for a longer period of time. Check with the clothing company’s policy regarding the returns and repairs.

Wash Infrequently

This is one of the trickiest parts for some hikers. However washing is harder on clothes and it is really hard on the environment as well. Wash and clean the hiking shirts whenever it is required. Try to spot clean all the small stains instead of washing the whole garment. Keep in mind that dirty outwear will function poorly.

Check for the manufacturer’s instruction on how to wash the clothes without spoiling its texture and follow it. Try to avoid any fabric softeners as these can have a huge impact on the breathability of the fabric.

Store it Safely

Storage really matters. The direct sun lights can damage the clothes. So try to keep your clothes in a cool and dry place which is away from direct sun light.

While you are line drying, make sure that the whites are kept under the sun and the darks are kept in the shade for drying. When you are storing, do no hang them. Try to fold it up instead of hanging.

Review of some of the Best Shirt for Hiking

Our Recommendation

Columbia Men's Silver Ridge Long-Sleeve Shirt

The Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Long Sleeve Shirt comes with collar along with UPF 50+ sun protection features. It has got vents which helps you to stay cool. The roll up sleeves can be buttoned.

The polyester fabric helps to wick away the water quickly and efficiently while being in hot climactic conditions. It comes with a soft and comfortable fabric which provides the hiker a luxury feeling. It is 100 percent nylon basket weave.

Columbia Men's Silver Ridge Long-Sleeve Shirt
Major Features:
  • 86 percent Polyester and mixed with 14 percent Elastane
  • Imported product
  • Relaxed-fitting dress shirt with convertible sleeves
  • Has tab keepers and double flap chest pockets
  • Omni-Wick Advanced Evaporation
  • Spread collar
  • Omni-Shade UPF 50 sun protection
  • Roll-up hand sleeves
  • Sun protection collar


  • angle-double-right
    Quick drying
  • angle-double-right
  • angle-double-right
    Wicks your sweat quickly
  • angle-double-right
    Venting keeps you cool


  • angle-double-right
    Feels cold in cold weather
  • angle-double-right
    Designed specifically for hot weather
  • angle-double-right
    Sizing come up large and hence prefer a size smaller when you choose

White Sierra Men's Bug Free Sanibel II Long Sleeve Shirt

White Sierra bug free Sanibel II long sleeve shirt comes with insect shield. It features an odorless invisible insect repellent which is formed from the permethrin. It is formulated specially to last for around 70 wash cycles.

This hiking shirt is light in weight and is travel friendly too. It has roll up sleeves which offers better flexibility for the varying climactic conditions.

White Sierra Men's Bug Free Sanibel Long Sleeve hiking Shirt

Major Features:

  • 100 percent nylon
  • Imported product
  • Insect shield fabric
  • UPF sun protection fabric
  • Moisture wicking fabric
  • Quick drying fabric
  • Mesh lining and venting at the back yoke

Foot Note!!!

Wearing the right kind of hiking garments points many factors such as the type of the hike you will be on, the length of the trip, the temperature and the climactic condition. So prior to getting dressed up, consider these elements and make your final move accordingly.

Choosing the right kind of hiking clothes will make you stay focused as well as stay comfortable throughout your journey.

This will also help you avoid getting wet, staying away from the sun burn, being sweaty and being scratched up. Enjoy your outdoors adventures by properly planning your attire as well as gears therefore.

Image credits: amazon.com, amazon.in

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