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Anupama Pradeep

How to Choose the Best Instant Tent for Camping

Instant tents are nowadays very popular among the hikers owing to their easiness in using and carrying. There are many varieties of camping tents, and before choosing a particular model, you can go through the top-rated models of the best instant tents for camping.

Instant Tents – The Basics!!!

In short words, they can be considered as the best shelter for night hours. These model tents will have pre-attached poles within their body for providing additional support. Due to the same, they can be pitched on to the ground within no time (say 60 seconds or less than that).


The most beneficial part is that you don’t even need anybody’s help or go through the instruction manual for fixing the tent in your hiking ground. It is that easier to handle. Just unfold the tent and extend the poles and then lock it into the right place. Your tent is ready!

You don’t need to worry about the cost factor too. There are many varieties of cheap instant tents which you can opt if don’t have much use on it.

 However, this doesn’t mean that they are not expensive. You can check out for the instant tents for sale portals for getting the best deal ever. There are certain models which are costly, and the price factor entirely depends on the make and the brands.

You can decide for yourself and make a choice. The size is also yet another factor which increases or decreases the price tag. The largest instant tent may cost a little bit higher than the smallest models.

Benefits of Instant Tents

The instant tents are the best choices for beginner hikers since it is coming with poles which can be fixed to the tents easily and shaped instantly.

Another factor to be noted with the instant tents is the terms screened porch (instant tent with porch) and the screen room.

 The tents with porch offer the right vestibule, and on the sunny days, these tents provide an excellent niche for relaxation, taking a short nap and also for escaping from the outside bugs. In addition to this, they will offer a clean and hygienic place where you can stay dry and cozy even under a bad thunderstorm.

Based on your preference, you can also pick either a single skinned tent or double skinned tents. The single skinned tents are light in weight and offer more room when compared to the double skinned models.

On the other hand, the double skinned models will offer hikers with advanced insulation and the right kind of protection from the storm, rain, and other factors. Also before placing an order or buying from any store, decide on whether you need a 6 person instant tent or a 3 person instant tent or any other.  

Instant Tent Size

There always lies a question with the sizing of the instant tents. You can either choose a large instant tent or a small one, and this depends on the number of people who are going to sleep inside it.

 However, choosing a cabin tent would be the best pick if you are a person who is suffering from claustrophobia or if you are sharing a tent with a few co-hikers.

Types of Instant Tents

Basically, there are two different models of instant tents available, and they are instant cabin tents and instant dome tents.

Instant Cabin Tents

 They are rectangular or square shaped tents which can be easily set-up. The walls of these tents will offer more space inside the tents and can accommodate around 6 to 12 people.

The ceilings of these models are high enough so that the people within the tents can stand up and even walk around without the thought of grazing their head on the roof.

The roof of the cabin tents are made out of mesh materials, and hence star gazing is possible.   The major highlights of these tents are; they can be set up and folded up easily and needs just one person to fix it on the ground.

 There is no need to check with the leaflet instructions for pitching on the ground, the poles of cabin tents are stronger when compared to the shock cord fiberglass poles and can withstand even the toughest breeze of the wind.

Like with any other tents, these models are also having negatives like they are not light weighted, hard to fix back if broken, hinges can break anytime and requires to be pitched into the ground while drying off.

Instant Dome Tents

 Dome model tents are the smallest versions available. As the poles which are used for pitching is heavily weighted, they can be considered as heavier when compared with various other same model size rating tents.

To fix this tent, you need to unroll it and lift the center portion of the tent and then slowly press the switch down.

 There are many advantages with the instant dome tents such as 60 seconds set up time, lighter than the instant cabin models, every part is well attached hence you won’t lose any attachments, instructions are not required for setting up, stand against windy condition and above all can be pitched in the ground by a single person.

On the other hand, some of the negatives of this model are; it can’t be separated while backpacking and requires to be fixed in the ground when drying.

How Does Instant Tents Works?

The instant tent works with a very simple mechanism. The thing is that the poles and other attachments are already assembled, and hence there is no time required for fixing it.

 Therefore, the body of the tent, as well as the frames, will be pre-assembled. All you have to do is to unfold and then lift the tent up.

In case of dome style models, it functions similar to an automatic umbrella. While in the case of a cabin tent, you will be provided with the telescopic poles. So you will need to work on it before pitching it on the ground.

You will need to extend the tent until and unless you listen to a click. At this time, a spring button will come out, and you can lock the pole now to the desired length. You can check out how the best instant tent differs from the traditional models to know more in detail.

Are They Freestanding?

The most important features of any instant tent are that it is freestanding. Due to the same, you are free to pitch it up on any terrain or move to a better position little bit if needed without any hassle. It is not advised to stake the tent down; however, it highly recommended performing this each time when it is possible.

 Keep in mind that the cabin model tents are considered as big boxes and hence stake it on the ground when required. 

Instant Tent Reviews

Our #1 Rated

Coleman Waterproof 10 X 9-Feet 6-Person Instant Tent

Our #1 Rated

Rated out of 5

One among the most rated best 6 person instant tent is Coleman Waterproof 10 X 9-Feet 6-Person Instant Tents. It is equipped with all other advanced facilities such as the WeatherTec system and hence it promises you to stay dry all through the night or sleeping hours.

It has got guaranteed poles which are being pre-assembled to it and won’t take more than 60 seconds for setting it up. Apart from this, there are various other features which make it stand unique from the rest of the models.

This is the perfect choice for a weekend hiking trip with your whole family or with your group of friends.


  • Best quality material for the price
  • Easy to setup and take down
  • Good floor space
  • 6 feet tall can stand upright comfortably  
  • Can withstand speedy wind


  • Waterproof issue during heavy rain


Apart from the 6 men instant tent, the two-room instant tent provides enough room for placing two queen size airbeds. It is manufactured out of polyester material and comes with steel for offering extended durability.

Some of the two-room models with a carry bag and this provides better storage facility and is good in transport.

Fast Pitch Tent vs. Instant Tent

There are a lot of differences between a fast pitch tent and an instant tent. The instant tent can be set up within 60 seconds time since the poles are already attached to it. On the other hand, as we mentioned in the review part, the Coleman fast pitch tents will have pre-assembled poles along with a hub. Due to the same, it can be pitched to the ground 50 percent speedier when compared to the standard tent models.

Are Instant Tents Integrated With Rain Fly?

Even though some of the models are not, it is better to say that the if the rain fly is integrated on the roof portion of the instant tent’s fabric, then the model can be categorized as a single layer model and can be considered as a waterproof, instant tent.

Some of the top examples of these models may include the Coleman best instant tent 6 person, and the Coleman 8 man instant tent.

In the majority of the cases, the cabin model instant tents are high enough and hence including a fly will be the best option for two people.

In certain telescopic poles models, the fly can be fixed prior to extending the poles. This will help to extend the fly along with the tent, and then you can easily assemble and tighten and lock it correctly.

The Durability Element!!!

There are lots of queries popping up like whether the instant tents are durable or not. Actually they are not! If you observe certain models, you can notice that there are steel poles which are really thick.

All these are pre-assembled which makes them stand out from the traditional tents in which the poles, as well as the fabric, will be packed separately. Hence you should be extremely careful while packing and transporting these tents.

Even though these are some of the mild issues, you can search and come up with the best instant tents which fit your needs.

Foot Note!!!

Hiking in the woods is the best way to get connected with the Mother Nature. To stay dry and cozy during night hours, you need to choose the right backpacking instant tents, without compromising on your budget.

 Basically, there are two makers of the instant tent models who dominate the market, and they are Quechua and Coleman. The former makes tents out of fiberglass hoops. Within the bag, the hoops will be buckled one another for forming a smaller diameter.When the tent is taken out from the bag, the hoops will get expanded and forms your tent.

However, it is up to you to decide on whether you like these kinds of models or not. Just take a tour through the reviews of each and every model before you settle down with one.

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