Our journey at Riderstrail.com began rather unexpectedly, how true that the best things in life happen unplanned! 

In 2017, our passion for travel prompted us to embark on a 17 day journey through the prominent southern states of India. We wished to share the love and joy of travel with other adventure seekers, and that is how the dream of Riderstrail was born.

On our trekking expeditions, we invariably encountered several obstacles, whether it be with the equipment or our trekking path.

This inspired us to start curating a list of the best trekking equipment available in the market to make sure the thirst of adventure seekers do not get doused by petty nuisances.

Any inconvenience, however, small can prove to be a great hassle for a trekking enthusiast who finds himself in unfamiliar terrain and less than comfortable weather.

The foundation of riderstrail.com is passion for travel and adventure. We wish to do all we can to make the journey of fellow travel enthusiasts comfortable and joyful.

Arun Kumar

Arun Kumar T

Co founder & Editor

Arun Kumar T is the Co-founder of riderstrail.com. He is an independent researcher and does a lot of traveling and hiking.

"During those days every morning came with a bright smile on our face and excitement all over our body and mind. This was like a much awaited dream come true."

Karthik S

Co founder & Chief Editor

Karthik Suseel is the Co-founder of riderstrail.com. He is a traveler and loves hiking.

"The twist of the throttle the shift of the gears take us to those places where our mind becomes clear and a feeling that we want to be there.
After this trip those wonderful memories we gathered and those beautiful feel that we got during this trip made a great influence in our life.
So we welcome all those who loves to travel and ride you can find our trails waiting for you to explore."

Our team

Anupama Pradeep


Anupama Pradeep, hailing from the southern tip of Gods own country is a grad in EI and is a freelance content writer. According to her, music, nature, and art are the pillars which she leans on to whenever she lost her mojo.

Very passionate to explore nature, she is keen to grab any realistic opportunities to pack the bag and set for adventures.

She loves to travel, explore different cultures and has now fallen in love with trekking. Her instinctive curiosity to learn and research on nature, mountains and forests have inclined her to the world of trekking and hiking.

Her professional expertise includes working as an SME on a variety of subjects for various reputed content-driven organizations.

Chandra Lekha


An active contributor to the blog for more than a year, she is a passionate writer and student of literature.

She spends her free time writing and discovering new works. 

An avid traveler, she enjoys penning down the experiences of diverse cultures. She also works on translation from Indian languages to English.

She shares her passion for adventure and travels with the world through her works on riderstrail.com with hope to ease the journey of those seeking adventure.

By jotting down her experiences of travel, she wishes to inspire others to fall in love with traveling.

Princy Cycil


Princy cycil is an ardent blogger who explores the passion of words.

She takes up hiking trips occasionally to mesmerize the nature's wonder. Being an ace hiker, she is a great reviewer of hiking gear and products.

Princy is quite famous for her love of the mountains and a cuppa in the wild. She is a passionate traveler and is always on the move.

Arsha KA


Arsha is a 19-year-old Media student from Manipal. She aspires to gain more experiences being a globetrotter.

She believes in learning new things through her own experiences.