Day-6 Valpara to Palakkad via Pollachi

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The stay at valpara was good. We got up early in the morning and gone for a walk. While we were walking and exploring the area, the sun began to rise and the beauty of the tea estate began to show, the rising sun rays passing through the trees and clearing the mist. This view makes an everlasting beautiful impression in our minds.

valpara tea estate morning

Valpara tea estate morning

tea estate valpara

Tea plantations at valpara

The beauty of the valley was getting more and more beautiful as we go on exploring. The real beauty of the valley begin to show as the sun rays touches the valley.

valpara tea estate

Valpara tea estate

The sun rays clearing and penetrating through the mist covered valley was a beautiful scene to watch.

We were completely immersed in this beautiful scenery and time pass by and it was around 9.00 am.

misty region valpara


Then we had our breakfast from a local restaurant. The food was good and cost for the food was average. Then we returned to our rooms had a fresh up and started packing our luggage. It’s time to move to our next destination.

Towards Palakkad

We started our ride at 1.00 pm, first we had to reach pollachi and from there we need to ride to palakkad. There were about 40 hairpin curves during our ride to pollachi.

lion tailed monkey

On our way to pollachi

During our ride we saw lion tailed monkey and we got some good snaps of those monkeys. On way towards pollachi you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Aliyar dam.

valpara-pollachi hairpin ride aliyar dam

Aliyar Dam

valpara pollachi hairpin ride

Mountains near Aliyar dam

valpara pollachi hairpin ride aliyar dam
You will see a waterfall on road side before aliyar dam.

valpara pollachi hairpin waterfall
We reached pollachi at 6 pm and we were running late as my motorcycle was having some engine trouble as its oil began to burn and this was a sign of piston rings damage, so I had to maintain my riding rpm below 5000, or else the engine issue may get worst.

We stopped at pollachi for having food. From pollachi it’s about 60kms to reach palakkad.

The ride was wonderful and the experience we got from this trip was also great.

Kerala Re-entry

We reached palakkad at 9:00 pm and managed to find a lodge near the KSRTC bus stand. After fresh up we went outside to have food.

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