Day – 1 Trivandrum to Varkala

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Trip Date: 25-01-17

Location: Trivandrum

Today is our first day of our Trivandrum to Kasargod trip, We have completed the trip in 17 days.We have wonderful experiences  during our ride and we are happy to share the same with you.

So let’s start from day 1.

We have planned to start our ride at 8 am but after packing everything it was  9am.

From Trivandrum we started our ride towards varkala beach in our two wheeler Bajaj Pulser 220 and Honda unicorn 150.

Our motorcycle were geared up with a saddle bag, duffel bag and two backpack, USB charger ,then some new spark plugs, clutch cables, accelerator cable, engine oil and first aid kit.

Towards Varkalavarkala beach

Varkala is about 40kms from trivandrum. We choose to ride through a parallel coastal road rather than NH-47 highway because, the  time we choose to ride was peak time for traffic and there is a chance to get stuck in traffic at Kazhakoottam and Attingal areas .

The parallel coastal road having the view of the sea  makes us very relaxing and fun to ride. While riding through this parallel coastal  road you pass through few village areas with small houses.

The fishermen move into the sea from the estuary and bring back fresh catch.There is wharf for parking the fishing boats. Boat rides are available for various rates based on time from 30 mins to even 6 hours.

The livelihood of these peoples depends mainly on fishing, mostly the men goes for fishing  and womens sell the fish on local markets. We reached varkala at around 11am.

We lost our way when going to the cliff, we have been here for a couple of times but still  misses the road towards the cliff.


varkala beach

We managed to find a room to stay near to  Varkala papanasam beach. We kept all over luggage in the room and we went to the Varkala beach also known as  Papanasam beach.  

The sky was slightly cloudy the sea was bluish in color which was very  refreshing  to see.

The sea was calm and wind was not so strong and in the monsoon season you can feel the raw power of the arabian sea.  

Here cliffs are  facing the arabian sea  the view of the beach from the cliffs is breathtaking.  The part of the cliff facing the beach is almost in a stage to fall off so be cautious while standing on the edges.

There you can see a helipad also which was first used, when India former prime minister Indira gandhi came to visit varkala.

Near to the beach there’s an old janardhana temple which is about 2000 years old. After a small walk through the beach we planned to go to a place near to varkala called Anjengo kotta which is old and one of the earliest british settlement in India.

Towards Anjengo Fort

We had our lunch from a local hotel near varkala we ate biriyani which was good for the price. We started our ride from there to Anjengo which was about 10kms from there and we ride through the coastal road which is the shortest way to get there and we reached Anjengo fort after 30 minutes of ride.

Anjengo Fort

 The term Anjengo (Anchuthengu) which means five coconut trees in malayalam. The fort Anjengo was one of the important strategic forts of East Indian Company in Kerala.


It was well known that the fort was build by the British East India Company to break the Dutch monopoly over pepper,coir and other goods. Besides that the fort was also served as a depot for military stores during the carnatic war.


This place also served as a first signalling station for ships arriving from England. The Anjengo fort is square on plan. It is square with four bastions. Two of the bastions face the sea and other two the landside. In addition there are numerous gun points towards the sea.


There are many tomb stones at Anjengo. The earliest epitaph dates back to 1704. The epitaph of Deborah Brabourn and Torleps, narrates that here lies Deborah, the wife of John Brabourn, Esquire, Commodore of Anjengo. Now this is a protected Monument under Archaeological survey of India.



Light House

 Near to this anjengo kotta  a lighthouse is there , the visitors are allowed to enter their with a entry pass fee 10rs/person and 20 rs for still and mobile camera each and for foreigners 25rs/person. There will a time limit of 20 minutes for each pass. The visitors are allowed to enter between 3.00pm and 5.00pm only.


There is about 189 number of steps to top of lighthouse. The view of the beach from above the light house is spectacular the whole entire coastal village is visible, the parallel view of the sea and lake and the kotta also looks more beautiful from above the lighthouse.



Towards Ponnumthuruthu

From Anjengo lighthouse we ride to another place called ponnumthuruthu. The road is not that good enough for smooth ride. Many churches,chapels and temples dot the way throughout the journey.The ride through the villages gives an opportunity to get to know the fishermen folk and their villages. After 6 kms of riding we reached panayil kadavu at 4.00pm. We waited there for an about 20 mints for the country boat to come and pick us to the island.



The ponnumthuruthu literally means golden island in malayalam Legends say that the queens of Travancore Royal family used to hide their gold and ornaments on the island in order to safeguard it hence the name ponnumthuruthu ( golden island). A view of the island from the boat is very mesmerizing as the greenery of the island will have a vibrant effect when the evening ray’s of the sun caress it. Inside this island a temple is there, which is more than 100 years old.

golden island ponnumthuruth boat service

The island is also home to different types of birds,flora and fauna. Mainly eagles and gulls are found here, various water birds too can be found.  you can find country boat from Nedunganda or you can go to panayil kadavu bridge near to it a resort is there named kayaloram, near to this resort building you can find a country boat service which will be available at morning 5:45 am and evening 4:15pm this is mainly for devotees who go to the temple in the island.

golden island ponnumthuruth temple

The boat will return only after the daily pooja at the temple so you may have to wait for minimum of Two hrs in island for return.  If you can rent a boat from Nedunganda to Ponnumthuruthu then you can visit the island at the  time you want. It’s best to visit early morning or in the evening.

Towards Velliyazhcha kavu.

On the way back to varkala we remembered about another place which we had gone  once to have food.The place is called Velliyazhcha kavu. It’s about  7.5 kms from panayil kadavu. We ride to Velliyazhcha kavu to have food at a toddy shop.


Velliyazhcha kavu.

There is Hut like rooms for having food and toddy.The food here is little bit spicy but very tasty for those whose loves spicy food.  

Back towards Varkala

At 8:00 pm we started to ride towards Varkala to our hotel room and we reached there at 9:00 pm.



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