Day-5 Kodungallur to Valpara

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We stayed near to the kodungallur temple

From Kodungallur we ride towards Athirapally waterfalls at 6.00 am which was about 53 kms. We had our breakfast on the way.

chalakudy road to valparai

coconut trees chalakudy road


chalakudy river

Chalakudy river

We reached here at 9.00 am. Entry Pass for athirapally waterfalls and Vazhachal fall is together. Vazhachal fall is very near to the Athirapally falls.

athirapally waterfalls chalakkudy

athirapally waterfalls chalakkudy

athirapally waterfalls chalakkudy

The water level was very less than what we expected. We had seen the spectacular scenery of this falls in local movies but due to less rain this time it was not that great.

Only 5kms from athirapally waterfalls to Vazhachal falls.

Vazhachal falls

From the viewpoint we can’t see a fall, actually it’s a beautiful river flowing downwards.

vaazhacha falls

vaazhacha falls

vazhachal water fall

Vazhachal eco tourism

Towards Malakkapara Check post

Now the time was 1.10 pm. From Vazhachal waterfalls forest entry road starts by seeing that our plan to go back to Thrissur changed. We just want to ride through the forest road which is about 46 kms.

For entering their we had to show our id card, our vehicle details etc. The forest officer told as we should return back before 4.00pm or else we should get out from the forest area through the other end, that is Malakkapara check post and should report there that we left forest area.

The grass at either side of the road were almost dried up with hay grass color. 90% of the road was in good condition for a comfort ride.

malakkapara ride

Few kilometers after vazhachal checkpost


chalakudy malakkapara ride

Road in good condition


peringalkuthu dam

Peringalkuthu dam


peringalkuthu dam

Peringalkuthu dam


sholayar dam

Sholayar dam

sholayar kseb penstock pipe

Penstock pipe – sholayar dam

penstock pipe sholayar dam

Penstock pipe – sholayar dam

The ride through the dense forest road was a great experience the road was not very narrow but medium type road. There were many sharp turns.

The view of the mountains were superb, and we seen some black lion tailed monkeys and trees with bright red flowers, white one and different small but beautiful flower on the way, the birds singing sound was great to hear too.

upper sholayar dam

Upper sholayar dam


upper sholayar dam

Upper sholayar dam


sholayar dam

Sholayar dam


sholayar dam view

Sholayar dam from road



The chances of animals crossing are high so ride slowly, according to us riding fast through this kind of place will only spoil the chances to enjoy entire beauty it has to offer, so guys lower your throttle and feel the clam smooth air and the beauty of the forest, mountains, beautiful song of the birds, view of different kind of flora and fauna, animals etc.

chalakudy malakkapara

We took about 2 and 1/2 hrs to cover 60kms as we stopped at multiple place to take photos as it was so beautiful to see those mountains from the top. The ride through the forest ended at Malakkappara check post.

Malakkapara Check post

Here the forest road ends. We need to report here before 4.30 pm

Towards Valparai

From Malakkara Check Post we headed towards Valparai. It was about 25kms, throughout this ride we saw tea plantation which were mostly owned by Tata.

tea estate vaalapara

Tea estate valapara

tea factory vaalpara

Tea factory valpara

The greenery was so relaxing and tempting that we planned to stay there for the night.


chalakudi malakkapara road view

The rays of sun

way to vaalpara

Way towards valpara

We reached here at 6.00 pm and had our dinner and found one house to stay which was cheap comparing to city rates.

Near to our stay, festival was going on a church, all the colorful decorations and the fireworks was going on. It was very beautiful to see and making our trip a beautiful experience.

This place share the border with Kerala and Tamilnadu. The local people here where mix of Tamil and Malayalam speaking people. Foreigners were less. Only peoples from the nearby states visit here mostly. It’s not so cold at night and not so hot at noon.


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