Day 4 – Kochi to Kodungallur

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We were staying at Ernakulam hotel last night . We couldn’t sleep well , anyway we started our ride at 10.30 am after having a tea at Ernakulam south railway station.

We just ride to our next location marine drive we reached there after 1hr of drive although the distance was less we were struggling with the intense traffic.

Marine drive

At marine drive  cruise boats are available. Marine drive was filled with cruise boat, small speed boat ,we can also see big ships at far distance sailing through sea and there were small shops with color full toys makes the environment more beautiful.

marine drive boat

Nice view of the Vembanad lake at marine drive

After the scenic experience we had  a kulukki sarbath pineapple flavour which was a refreshing one to calm down the rising heat condition .

Then we ride to willington island before entering the island we had to take toll for our bikes.

Willingdon Island

Largest Man made island in india. Toll of Rs 3 has been charged for a bike to enter the island.

From Willingdon island to Fort Kochi is about 10 kms and we ride through old NH47 road, crossed the Thoppumpady Bridge.

marine drive boat

Nice view of the Vembanad lake at marine drive

The Traffic was very high and there was  some protest going on , the slow moving traffic was suddenly stopped and we were stucked in the middle of the traffic for almost 20 mins and after a while police came and cleared the road. Those 20 mins was like that we were inside an oven.


We were sweating like anything. The ambient temperature, the heat from the heavy engine and all together we were struggling with the heat and trying  to get out from there as soon as possible but the entire road was blocked without a room for a  man to walk through.

Dutch Palace

We entered dutch palace, footwears are not allowed inside the palace and also no photography  inside the place so no clicks.

Inside the palace  we can find the entire history of our ancestors who ruled our kochi during those period. The dutch defeated our kings and take over  part of our state.

Trade used by the dutch rulers , their money system and Local money system, their dressing style used during that time, kerala king used jewellry, ladies used ornaments , swords used by different kings, furnitures of that time and  construction masterpiece of that time can be seen inside this palace .

The different wall art used at that time  can be seen inside the palace . Kitchens, rooms for entertainment, toilets, work area they used and many more  you can explore  inside the Dutch Palace.

Jew Town

This small palace is entirely different from the whole city. When we reached there we had a feeling like we had entered into another country. We were not able to get inside the jew synagogue as it was closed because saturday is holiday for them.

Jew synagogue archaeological survey-india

Paradesi synagogue stabilization and conservation of the clock tower.

Paradesi Synagogue

The Jewish synagogue was built in 1568.In 1662, it was destroyed by the Portguese and then reconstructed, two years later, by the Dutch.

Jew synagogue

Saturday Holiday closed


Outside view of the Paradesi Synagogue, which is one of the oldest Synagogue at Cochin and it belongs to Jewish community

Shops near to paradesi synagogue with old type of pocket watches.

Jew synagogue binale

View of the street.

The entire town is colorful and town is filled with artifacts , idols , and more with artistic marvelous. The people in here speaks jewish language and  different other foreign languages.

From Jew town we reached Fort Kochi- Vypin ferry terminal from there we used jangar facility to reach vipine our bikes were also transported through this facility. The jangar experience was  nice. .


Jangar kochi

10 minutes of jangar ride was a nice experience.

Vypin consists of groups of islands which is a part of Ernakulam City.

It’s about 21 kms from Vypin to cherai beach and took about an hour to reach Cherai Beach.

Cherai Beach

The beach was so long both wise, our naked eyes was limited at that point , the beach was fully crowded with peoples .

Cherai beach adventure tourism

Small sail boat for adventure purpose.

Cherai beach adventure tourism

Small wind ride boat.

Cherai beach balls

Beach ball for sale

Cherai beach

View of the beach at
4:00 pm.

There we seen some of the sea sports going on at that beach it seems like they had facility for that too. So we spent some time over there in the beach and it was late evening and we planned not to ride in the night.

So we moved to kodungallur and we had a chance to see the chinese fishing net very close while we were riding  via munambam road and seen the munambam mini harbour on the way towards Kodungallur.


We managed to find a hotel near the kodungallur bhagavathy temple , one thing we experienced here was when we go to hotels to enquire about the room availability the people were more suspicious and they were curious about over activity and they were asking all kind of questions ,like from where are you coming ?

Why you came here? Where is your friend? They were even asking what is our purpose in coming their such kind of questions. Their way of questioning  was like questioning a suspect , it was although an irritating one . So we stayed there and thus day four ended.

Fishing boats

fishing boat harbor

Fishing boat harbor

The view of the fishing boat harbor from a bridge.

Chinese fishing nets with home-1

For some there daily income comes from fishing.

Chinese fishing nets with home---

Local name for Chinese fishing net is Cheena vala.
Cheena means chinese and vala means net in Malayalam.

Chinese fishing nets kochi

This have been introduced in Kochi by Chinese explorer Zheng between 1350 and 1450 AD.


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