Day 3 – Krishnapuram Palace to Kochi

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We woke up early morning at 5:30am and gone outside into the street for a small walk and had our tea from a local tea shop. Only few people was there for morning walk , but when we entered the local market area it seems to be fully crowded as it is in the day time.

People were yelling at each other for space to transport their goods and all busy arranging their shops and filling them with new food products.

Towards Krishnapuram palace

We started our ride from lodge to krishnapuram palace at 9.30am , the palace was  near  after 10 min of ride we reached palace.

Krishnapuram Palace

The palace was built by King Marthanda Varma of Travancore after defeating the king of odanad.

krishnapuram palace


The Krishnapuram palace has many architectural similarities with Padmanabhapuram palace at Trivandrum. This palace is the finest example of a typical Kerala style Architecture that dates back 18th century.

Inside the palace was  magnificent that we feel enriched with royalty . The construction, wood used for interiors , carved sculptures, coins used in the past during the king rule, paintings of those time , the palace was two storied.The museum in the Krishnapuram Palace also has a copy of a Sanskrit Version of Bible.

Kayamkulam Sword which  is an important exhibit in the museum.The Kayamkulam Sword is said to be  more dangerous than any other martial weapon. It is said to have been used by the Kayamkulam Rajas and hence was of special attraction to the Marthanda Varma King.

gajendramokshmam mural painting

The palace  museum  has an exhibit of the Gajendra Moksham which is the largest single piece of mural painting  that was discovered from any  archeological site in Kerala.


Numismatic Gallery in Krishnapuram palace

Ceremonial utensils are there on  display, which consists of oil lamps,  miniature figures of Various hindu gods , and small stone carved with serpent deities.The  ambience inside the palace was so refreshing as it cools your body and mind instantly.

Krishnapuram palace museum

Idols of Varuna, Vishnu, and sword at Krishnapuram Palcae Museum

Their were painting in the walls which were so beautifully detailed in depth with different colors to them. Before entering the palace we were experiencing the heat and humidity at its peak and we were sweating too , but inside the palace it feels to be very cool.

Towards Kayamkulam kayal

We ride to Kayamkulam kayal from Krishnapuram palace at 11:30am and reached there at 12:00 pm.It is about 10kms from Krishnapuram palace.On the way we filled our bottle with water from a gas station.

kadinamkulam kayal

The view the lake was nice. The Lake was having small  islands in it. Small boats very there basically fisherman boat.

Towards Kuttanad

From Kayamkulam Kayal we ride towards Champakulam from there we used jangar to cross the Pampa river which was a nice experience. We enjoyed the janggar sail and the beauty of the river.

We ride through Thakazhi, Nedumudi, Kainakary and after 1hr of ride we stopped for having lunch.


When we say kuttanad what come to our mind first is the Paddy fields with bright green color. Kuttanad is one of the only place in the world where the rice cultivation takes place below the sea level.

kuttanad paddy field

While riding through the kuttanad you can find numerous number of canals , rivers. You can find ducks in backwaters, canals and most part of kuttanad.

Towards AalapuzhaBeach

We started our ride from kuttanad and reached Aalapuzha beach after 1hr of ride it was about 27 kms from kuttanad.

houseboat punnamada

We reached Aalapuzha beach and had a tea.

Aalapuzha Beach

The Beach was not very crowded mostly the local people are coming there, we can find the remains of an old sea bridge.

aalapuzha beach

Then after a while we realised that our gopro side cover was missing, that was very disappointing moment to us because from then onwards we were not able to take underwater videos.

Towards Nehru trophy boat race finishing point Stadium

Then we ride to nehru trophy boat race finishing point Stadium. Which was about 5 kms from alleppey beach and reached there after 10mins of ride.  As soon as we reached there a  slight shower happend and we very busy covering our luggage .

Nehru trophy boat race finishing point

The lake  was filled with different variety of  houseboats and we were not able to take video in our gopro as it’s side cover was lost nor photos in our still camera as it is not waterproof.


The raining increased and we managed to find shelter. Many tourist were there from within the country and abroad. The place was crowded with locals and  tourists from different countries.   

Towards Ernakulam

From there we started our ride with our jackets on, their was slight rain since we left finishing point.

After two hours of riding we reached ernakulam and we stayed at a hotel near the south central railway station.


The experience from our hotel stay was horrible. The  temperature was very high inside the room and only hot air is coming from the fan because we were on the top floor.

We were literally struggling with the heat and the mosquitoes too, then everything was perfect for a sleepless night and we some how managed to stay there at night.

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