Day -2 Varkala to Kayamkulam

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Location: Varkala

Today is  Second Day of our trip. We woke up at 6.00am gone for a walk and had tea after taking bath and had our breakfast, we were all set for our ride. Today we planned to ride to Kappil beach. We started our ride  at 9.30 am.

Towards Kappil Beach

We reached Kappil beach  after half an hour of riding. It’s about 7kms from Varkala beach. Ride was easy as the road where good, sky was clear, less traffic.

Kappil Beach

Kappil is a tourist place near “Paravur”, the water here is pretty deep and the beach is rocky. You could walk on the sands and enjoy the breezes and just feel and listen to the meditating sound, when the water hits those rocks.

The Beach was clean and less crowded. If the tides are powerful then it is unsafe to swim here as these beaches features a rocky barrier.

These rocks stand up to the harsh waves regularly, protecting the beach side road and the nearby settlements. These settlements were mainly of the fishing community peoples.


Kappil beach


We spend some time their taking  photos of the beach. A lake  Parallel to the beach makes it a wonderful view.

Fly Adventure Park

Near to the beach a fly adventure  park is there basically water sports  park and we decided go for a Bumper ride in the lake which was a thrilling experience  other different rides are there but due to time constraints we left thereafter having a coffee.

Flysports advanture club

Flysports adventure club

Food, parking, rooms etc are available,  if you are planning to go to this beach then we recommend you to try this Rides also which will be a great experience.

Flysports water jet ski

The fee for our ride was about 350rs/ person. Time taken for the ride was about 5 min, different package rides are also available  if you are going  with group of people then discount will be available.

Towards Munroe Thuruthu

We started  our ride towards Munroe Thuruthu, basically it is an island.  For reaching this place we first need to go to Perumon from there we had to take  jangar and sail towards  Munroe Thuruthu.

During our ride we often stopped for asking the direction towards the exact location where we can find a jangar service, as our GPS were unable to pinpoint the exact location.

Munroe Thuruthu

The sailing experience in the jangar was  a thrilling one. This was our first experience in a jangar. We reached the island in 10 min.

Munroe thuruthu country boat

Then we  go on exploring the place at first half an hour of our ride was disappointing  because there was nothing to  explore much then a group of local  boys we find while riding takes as to  a nice place.

Munroe thuruthu

Throughout the ride  we saw many  small canals connecting to the lake, either side of the canals filled with coconut trees, you can find water birds swimming on these canals.

There we find some other people came there as we do  and they suggested as to go back and take left from where we came and after 10mins of slow speed ride.

Munroe thuruthu ducks

Munroe thuruthu water birds

We reached a place which was so beautiful that we spend an hour over there watching its beauty. The lake was having  small islands within it and small wooden boats  in the lake which makes it a beautiful view.

We sat there enjoying its beauty, stretching our legs feeling relaxed and the cool evening breeze started to  blow.

Towards Kayamkulam

We started our ride towards kayamkulam at 5.45pm and reached there at 7:00pm it was about 40 km from Munroe Thuruthu. On the way we stopped for installing a new tank cover for our motorcycle.

In the shop we meet two guys and they were distributors of LED strips. From them we got  information about the budget  lodges available at Kayamkulam. We found the lodge they recommended but took some time to locate it.


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