Day-7 Choolanur to varikkassery and Nelliyampathy

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 From palakkad we started our ride towards choolanur peacock sanctuary at 6.30 am.

paddy field Palakkad

breakfast idly

Our Breakfast


On the way we stopped at a private place called myladumpara(myl-peacock, adum-dance, para-rock). Local people in there told us that the peacock usually come here to dance.
We were not fortunate enough to witness that marvelous happening.


paddy cultivator

Instead of peacock, we found paddy cultivator at myladumpara


paddy cultivator
paddy cultivator

Choolanur Peacock sanctuary

This is the only peacock sanctuary in India. You can walk through the entire area without the help of a guide.
There is no animals other than peacock. in case if you lost the way back to office. No need to worry the sanctuary is surround by settlements.
coolanur peafowl sanctuary

Coolanur peafowl sanctuary

The area of the sanctuary is about 500 hectares of forest.
Kunchan Smrithi Vanam is also a part of this sanctuary which is about 200 hectares of forest, in the memory of malayalam poet Kunchan Nambiar.
Soon after the monsoon one can find variety of many butterflies. Access to the sanctuary are free to the visitors.
After walking through the forest for about 2 hrs we were not fortunate enough to find a peacock inside the sanctuary. when we reached back at the forest office we find one peacock.
coolanur peafowl sanctuary peacock

The one and only……

From peacock sanctuary we ride to varikkassery mana.

Varikkassery mana

Varikkassery mana is a marvelous artifact. it has many wonderful wooden works to see inside the mana and some wonderful wall paintings.


varikkassery mana

Varikkassery mana

varikkassery mana naalukettu

varikkassery mana – naalukettu


varikkassery mana mural painting

Mural painting @ varikkassery mana

This place is most popular for shooting movies for mollywood. Varikkassery mana has one nalukettu, two pathayapura (out house), a large pond with entry from inside the mana itself.
varikkassery mana pathayapura

varikkassery mana Pathayapura spiral steps

There were separate puja rooms for mens and womens, two toilet in two floors, three kitchen, family dining hall, bedrooms. You can buy Kerala traditional clothing for men and women.
varikkassery mana

Towards Nelliyampathy

From Varikkassery mana we ride to nelliyampathy. There were lots of hairpin curves to reach nelliyampathy.

bharathapuzha nila




Check dam @ Nila

When we reached the top, we were stopped by the police for checking. Unfortunately we left all our documents in the hotel in palakkad. So we had to pay fine for it.


Then by having a discussion with the police officer we got the information about the hotels available for staying .
The police officer was very friendly to us.
When we discussed to him about our next plan for going to silent valley his advice was to go there only if we were planning for a trekking there or else not to go.


From the information we got from the policeman we came to know about kesavan para.
We ride to Avt tea factory entrance area. The road to kesavan para starts in front of Avt factory. We have to walk for 10 mins to reach the location.
avt factory nelliyampathy

AVT factory nelliyampathy


The view from the kesavan para was nice. We spent about an hour in there and seen the mesmerizing sunset.
we forget our go pro camera there. But remembered and took it back.
nelliyampathy trek

Way to kesavan para



nelliyampathy kesavan para

The view from kesavan para

As time was going and we were getting late. The forest officials told us that we should return back before 6.00 pm or else we need to stay at nelliyampathy.

Back to palakkad

We decided to go back to Palakkad. We enquired about going back to Palakkad through the forest road. The local people advised us to leave as soon as possible. There is chance of animals crossing the road especially elephants . Somehow we managed to reach the forest check post without any problem.
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