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Are you on a budget or searching for cheap hiking backpacks and wish to stay safe and comfortable during your outdoor adventures? Well! We will help you out in this. This article will walk you through how to buy cheap lightweight backpacking gears, what you need to invest more on and what not to and so on.

Gear is the most important factor which many hikers need to reach their destination or conquer heights. However, there are many hikers who have conquered heights without having the most expensive pieces of gear. Remember, gear does not get you to the place, you do.

Of course, having the good gear will make things easier and increase morale. Invest some time in searching for the gear either on backpacking stores or via online and choose the one which is light in weight and more affordable. Good gears do not mean expensive. On the other hand, cheaper ones might not be the lightest too. Check for the wide ranges of cheap options available and make the choice wisely.

Don’t Spend Too Much Money On the Below Mentioned Gear List

Rain Gear

Whichever model of backpacking rain gear you hold, you will be having complaints about the lack of resistance and ventilation, weight factor and many more. It is good to buy a rain gear but doesn’t ever go for the expensive models. There are several models like Frogg Toggs and Campmor which can guarantee you with the exact results that the branded ones offer or even triple times much better than that.

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How to Stay Warm in a Sleeping bag while Camping?


Whether you are searching for a 4 season sleeping bag or any other specific models, keep in mind that despite the season in which you are planning to go into the wilderness for days and nights, you might bump into some chilly weather.

There won’t be any fun in going to bed feeling miserable and cold while you are hiking. Nothing is worse than a situation in which you wake up in the middle of the darkness shivering.

Night hours should always be your recharging time for the next day adventures and hence choosing the right way and thinking about how to stay warm while camping will be wise.

Just visualize that you have the warmest sleeping bag to crawl into, putting the zips and then sleeping peacefully thinking that your nest of polyester, down or nylon will guard you and keep you warm from the frosty outside temperatures.

In this write- up, we will walk you through some of the cold weather backpacking tips to help you stay warm while hiking in the cold.

With a very little grounding, you can stay comfortable and warm during sleeping hours. In simple words, those who run cold should go for a warmer bag and compensate. Buy one which will serve the majority of your sleeping hours. Continue reading

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