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Trench Foot Guide! -How to Keep Your Feet Dry?

​Since winter is approaching, the hikers are facing new challenges with their set of ultralight gear. The wet and the cold climatic conditions point out to the limitations in using the ultralight footwear in several ways. Flitting through the woods with your branded sneakers and a pair of wool socks is one of the primary […]

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The Backpack Size and Volume Guide

 If you have planned a trail just beyond the car campground by carrying the backpack on your shoulders and moving on, then you need to know many things for making yourself comfortable. Backpacking is the best adventure which intermingles the back country camping with hiking. It helps you in enjoying splendid as well as more […]

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The 10 Hiking Essentials

There are many hikers who just throw or stuff the things into their packs without any organization or order right one day before their trip. You can plan the trip and pack the things properly for improving the overall packing experience. This, in turn, will help to pack all the things without forgetting any important […]

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