Arun kumar.T is a blogger and Karthik.S was an Assistant Project Manager.

They both have an addiction towards travel and riding. They were just crazy about riding but haven’t ridden much, but they love to travel a lot and explore new places.

They set off towards their dream ride, first long ride on January 2017

The ride was a budget motor bike trip around whole Kerala. Kerala is a small state in southern india , where they were born and brought up. It took them about 18 days to explore the beauty of kerala.

During those days every morning came with a bright smile on our face and excitement all over our body and mind. This was like a much awaited dream come true.

Arun Kumar T Riderstrail Co-Founder
Karthik S Riderstrail Co-Founder

The twist of the throttle the shift of the gears take us to those places where our mind becomes clear and a feeling that we want to be there.

After this trip those wonderful memories we gathered and those beautiful feel that we got during this trip made a great influence in our life.

So we welcome all those who loves to travel and ride you can find our trails waiting for you to explore.